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Hi my dog is 20 months old a Cane Corso he recently had

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my dog is 20 months old a Cane Corso he recently had surgery on his leg as he had snapped his crutiate ligament - about two weeks ago he started to look unwell I took him back to the vet and they gave him an anti inflammatory and pain killer he seemed to pick up but then started to not look well again he was walking slightly funny and holding his head down he had a temperature of 40 - on Monday I took him back to the vet he had blood tests that appeared to be normal - white and red blood cells were fine they then said he could have meningitis and they have since given him a spinal tap we are waiting for these results - not they are saying it might not be meningitis but maybe something to do with his immune system - my concern is that they will just put him on steroids and I have read that there are really bad side effects - he seems to be eating ok but has lost around 5 kg - today he hasnt eaten much but i think that maybe to do with the anesthetic he had yesterday - can you shed any light on these conditions and if steroids are the only answer
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  YourPetVet replied 4 years ago.

YourPetVet :

Hello, Thanks for your question. It depends on the type of meningitis it is. This will show once the results come back. So steroids might not be the only answer. Also if it is immune related or inflammatory meningitis, the initial treatment is with steroids but long term treatment can be transitioned to other immunosuppressive drugs like cyclosporine and others that do not have the side effects of long term steroid use