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Dr. B.
Dr. B., Board Certified Veterinarian
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Experience:  General practice veterinary surgeon with extensive experience in a wide range of species.
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Hi Dr B, I seperated Chastity for the other poultry. First

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Hi Dr B, I seperated Chastity for the other poultry. First I let her have the run of the garden with Misty the little blue Bantum Peking whilst I cleaned out and fed the other birds. I put Misty back in the hen run. As soon as I was done with that I got a bowl of warm water and I had some Anti-bacterial solution that I had to wash with before my operation last week, so I wash her in this, especially taking care to gently wash the wounds and the effected area with a soft sponge. I made sure that all foreign matter clinging to her feathers was washed off. I felt intrusive pulling at her feathers because of her ordeal but non-the-less persevered to get her completely clean. Then thoroughly rinsed her in warm water. After which I dried her with a clean towel. The proceeded to dry her with the hairdryer for 2 hours to make absolutely sure she was dry and would not suffer. I found a large cardboard box. I put a piece of the white packing form board wrapped in a clear plastic bag in the bottom. On top of this I put a couple of layers of newspaper then shredded more newspaper. I placed Chastity in the box with a small fairly heavy cup, that would not tip with clcean water and a small clean glass with a little layers bran mix and pellets. She eventually settled down. At night I covered the box with a large towel to keep out the cold. The box was not completely sealed so she still had air filtering in. When I first looked at her in the morning I thought she looked a little better. When I looked out of the window my husband had put her back in the garden with little Misty (who incidentely did not peck at her!). I saw that she was just laying there and that flies were starting to fly around her and my boxerX dog was checking her out (she did not touch her as she is used to being with the chickens and ducks!). I shouted to Roy to put her back in her box where she was warm and protected. Unfortunately, soon after this I checked and bless her she had died. I think the others must have damaged her back passage because all the time I was checking her she was straining and looked so miserable. She was the most gorgeous looking hen, luxurious white plumage except for that rear end. I am just sorry I did not take her in the conservatory sooner! I know there is always a pecking order in poultry and other animals but this was a severe case of a gently chicken who just didn't retaliate! I have order a stock of poultry First Aid essentials on-line so I can make up a medical box so that this will not happen in the future. I will keep an eye on the expiry dates on the products. Thank you. Dianne

Oh Diane,

I am very sorry to hear about poor wee Chastity. It does sound like those lasses must have just damaged too much before we could step in and help her. It does sound like you were providing very good supportive care (and I think a ready-made first aid kit is a very good idea) and at least she was able to spend time with a gentle soul like Misty before she passed.


Please take care & I wish you the best,

Dr. B.

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