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Dr. B.
Dr. B., Board Certified Veterinarian
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We originally thought that he had got a rash under his groins

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We originally thought that he had got a rash under his groins which was very dak red and sore.from giong about his business among the daffodills and got an allergy rom the sap. He has been on prednical and an antibiotic for 6 days but does not seem to be benifitting. could he have a fungal or yeast infection instead , or does the effect of the daffodils take a lot longer to clear.and

Hello & welcome, I am Dr. B, a licensed veterinarian and I would like to help you with your wee one today.


Poor Shaun! That can't be comfortable.


Can you tell me if he is licking or scratching the area?


Is the rash just redness/inflammation or are you seeing any pustules/pimples/scaling skin/ or crustiness?


Is he still coming in contact with the plants or have you blocked that area off?


Any other changes at home?

(ie new laundry soap, carpet powder, diet change in the last 4-6weeks, etc)?


As well Joan, I did just want to note that if you were able to take a photo of Shaun's skin, I am happy to have a look (since it will let me see what you are seeing). To post any photos, you can either use the wee paper clip on the tool bar. Or you can post them on a 3rd party site (ie Flickr, Photobucket, etc) and paste the web address here.You can also find a link (HERE) on how to post to this website if you are struggling at all.

Speak to you soon,
Dr. B.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Joan,

Based on the photo alone, poor Shaun's skin does still look to be quite inflamed. As well, the hair around the area looks to be damp with possible discoloration from saliva staining (which suggests he may be licking the area) though urine scald cannot be completely ruled out either.

In regards XXXXX XXXXX treatment course so far, it has been quite appropriate for the common bacterial pyoderma or moist dermatitis (both of which can be initially triggered by an allergic reaction to anything he is sensitive to). That said, if he is showing so little progress and such obvious continued inflammation despite treatment, then we have to consider that either (1) the contact allergen is still in contact (which if he were allergic to the flowers and still going into them, this would be a concern -or- we'd have to consider whether something else was causing a contact allergy) or (2)that we are looking at another agent that isn't going to respond to antibiotics (namely, yeast or if there is some scaling that isn't visible in the photo, ringworm).

In this situation, with such lack of treatment response, it would be ideal to revisit his vet. You can have them take samples (scrapes, hair plucks, tape strips, etc) to look at what is present under the microscope or send to the lab. This can be quite an effective way to pinpoint the causative agent and thus target treatment.

Otherwise, you could consider ringing them and having them dispense a topical treatment for you to try in this area. The one I would suggest using for alongside the current treatment course to address any yeast issues would be a medicated shampoo called Malaseb (example). This can he helpful for stubborn bacterial infections, addressed yeast, and also can soothe his poor inflamed skin. Further to this, you will want to keep an eye that he doesn't bother this area (since he is his own worst enemy since licking will keep the area moist and prevent healing). To do so, you can place an e-collar from the vet or pet store. Or you can put a pair of boxers on him (turned backwards so there is a hole for his tail). These will keep him from licking and will also just help make sure that he isn't dribbling urine on the skin and thus keeping it moist because of that.

Overall, the treatment you have had is appropriate if allergens from flowers or bacteria are to blame. Still if he is not responding, we have to consider whether the irritative agent is still bugging him and take steps to rule/address those other potential causes.

I hope this information is helpful.

If you need any additional information, do not hesitate to ask!

All the best,

Dr. B.


If you have any other questions, please ask me – I’ll be happy to respond. Please remember to rate my service once you have all the information you need. Thank you and hope to see you again soon! : )

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