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Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob, Veterinarian
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Took my cat to vet today for the first time just to check her

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Took my cat to vet today for the first time just to check her general health (I think she's never been before as she just came out of nowhere) and her behaviour completely changed. She's been gone somewhere for the whole day (she never goes to far or for a long time) and now she's back she doesn't want to eat or drink anything but her mouth just dribbles a lot. What can I do about it and what's happening with her? Please help.
Hello, I'm Dr. Bob.
I'm sorry to read of Amazeballs' condition, but I don't believe it's serious or permanent. She's been stressed out by the change in her routine with the trip to the veterinarian, and strange happenings in going to, being, and coming back from there, and she's going to need some time to settle down. Cats tend to drool when upset and changes in behavior after a particularly stressful occasion are not at all unusual. I would recommend keeping her in, if possible for the next few days to protect her from getting herself into trouble with her stress-reacitve behavior. An excellent aid in calming a stressed cat is a product called Feliway, a synthetic hormone that mimics the pheromone produced by nursing mother cats. This product has a calming, soothing effect on cats who have been stressed for any reason. You can purchase Feliway from many pet stores, veterinarians, or online as a spray, collar or plug-in diffuser (like room freshener). It is odorless and harmless, but has a remarkable effect on cats. She may very well be back to normal by tomorrow morning on her own, but if she doesn't settle down overnight, you may want to locate a purchase some of this product.
If you should have further questions, please let me know.
Kind regards,
Dr. Bob
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you Dr Bob.
Will she start eating soon? how long can she go without the food and what you reckon about me taking her to vet for all her vaccines microchip etc? Will she get stressed like that again? Or will she get use to the environment ?
Hello again, Marcy.
She can go three days without eating with no problem, but I seriously doubt if that will happen. As for taking her to the veterinarian's office again, the chances are fair that she'll react badly to another "adventure". She apparently has no adventuresome spirit and will resent another outing. The Feliway should help her recover more quickly if such a trip is taken. Some cats take unusual occurrences in stride while others freak out. Amazeballs appear to be one of the latter types. While animals can adapt to repeated experiences, some simply don't do well with drastic changes in their routines, From what you've shared, I think Amazeballs is not good at adapting. If I may be of further assistance, please let me know.
Kind regards,
Dr. Bob
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