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Dr. Dan M.
Dr. Dan M., Veterinarian
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We live on Arran, where deer and sheep roam freely, including

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We live on Arran, where deer and sheep roam freely, including our garden.This morning, I have removed 12 ticks from my dog. I feed her garlic and vitamin B daily along with her Raw Diet and I use aromatherapy oils on her collar and on her body - nothing seems to keep them away. I do not want to use Frontline - what can I do? These ticks also carry Lyme's disease.

Ticks are a real pain and it is important to provide effective preventative treatments for our pets. This is of more importance given the increase in tick borne diseases.

If you want as near a guaranteed treatment as possible you will have to use a veterinary prescription product with effective acaricide medications in.

The two I would recommend would be Advantix this is a spot on liquid and is applied monthly. Alternatively you could consider a Seresto collar, these are incredibly effective and last for 7-8 months and also prevent flea infestation too!

Both products will be able to be purchased from your vet and if your dog has been seen in the last 12 months you shouldn't need a veterinary exam.

I hope this is helpful, good luck

Dan Makin
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What if my vet won't issue a prescription?


The only reason your vet wouldn't issue a prescription would be if your dog hasn't been seen by a vet in the previous 12 months. Whenever we prescribe or dispense veterinary medicines we are declaring it is 'for an animal under our care' so it would therefore have to be recently examined.

If your dog hasn't been to the vet within the last 12 months you will need to take your dog for a check up and the appropriate treatment can be dispensed at the same time.

If you do not wish to take your dog to the vet you will be limited in the products available to you for purchase as these will be ones that do not require a prescription and as such are less likely to be effective.

Hope that makes sense


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