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Dr. Barbara
Dr. Barbara, Board Certified Veterinarian
Category: Vet
Satisfied Customers: 1614
Experience:  Thirty years experience in small animal medicine and surgery.
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Hello my cat went into labour last night and was having contractions.

They have now stopped and... Show More
They have now stopped and she is very comfortable and calm. I have spoken to my local vet charities and they have advised that they cannot help me. I have rang a private vet and he has told me she needs to be seen as this is not normal. I'm a single mam and do not have the £100 plus to have her seen tonite and am very scared she will not make it. It is my little boys cat and I do not want to sign her over to RSPCA. Please could you offer some advice??
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Dr. Barbara :

Hi, Welcome to JustAnswer. I am a licensed veterinarian and I'll be happy to advise you. The best of course would be to have her seen because it really isn't normal for her contractions to just stop without producing a kitten, and to have her seem very comfortable and calm.

Dr. Barbara :

Is she healthy and normal in your opinion? Has she been eating well? Is she drinking water normally? Is she urinating and defecating normally, and breathing normally? If all this is normal, and if the color of her gums is pale pink to pink, then she is probably fine for now. If there was a kitten stuck in the birth canal, Cola would not be comfortable!

Dr. Barbara :

I would have her seen tomorrow, however, to get a diagnosis of her status, and possibly to give her some medical assistance to strengthen her uterus. The good news is that most cats can deliver their babies without any difficulty unless Cola is a persian type cat or has had a pelvic injury.

Dr. Barbara :

It's about 12:30 AM there (I'm in California), so if you are still up, I'll be online for several more hours. Hope to hear from you!

Customer: Cola is comfy able, she is eating, drinking, urinating and pooing as usual. Would u recommend massaging her??
Dr. Barbara :

That probably wouldn't start the contractions again. . .but it won't hurt either. I'm glad to hear that she is healthy.

Dr. Barbara :

Have you had a vet diagnose her. . .is she definitely pregnant?

Customer: No but yes she is def pregnant her nipples are very enlarged and producing something?? And she had been licking her vulva since last night. She has had contractions but nine since last night??
Dr. Barbara :

Sounds like she is lactating. This will usually occur up to 2 weeks prior to queening.

Dr. Barbara :

It really is not normal for cats to have contractions and not produce kittens. Is there anyway that Cola delivered somewhere hidden from you?

Customer: I. Checked I have made nesting areas for her in my spare room. There is no blood or any signs she has produced kittens
Dr. Barbara :

Not in these nesting areas, anyway. Could she have had them elsewhere in your home or even outside?

Dr. Barbara :

There would not likely be any remaining bloody discharge. Sometimes there is, but not usually.

Customer: I have not let her out since it's started?? She gas nesting, litter tray food and drink up there?? I could see her pushing last night but not today??
Dr. Barbara :

Hmmmm! Something else that could happen is called a pseudopregnancy. Cats' hormones after they mate are actually the same whether they become pregnant or not. . .it's just a matter of degree. In pseudo pregnancy they can become engorged in their mammary glands and even lactate. But the contractions aren't usually part of this. Was she yeowling when contracting, at least at first?

Dr. Barbara :

Also, want to say that she sounds very stable for tonight. She may not have a viable litter, but it doesn't sound like she is in any danger tonight.

Customer: Yes she has been making some strange noises ??
Dr. Barbara :

Is she still making these noises, and can you describe them? Also, could you please tell me the color of her gums?

Hi Karina,
I switched us to this Q&A mode where we can continue to chat for no extra charge. Hope you scroll down enough to find me!
Dr. Barbara
Hi Again!
We are now on this Q&A page and can continue our conversation.
Thank you for your kind rating, but how is Cola doing?
Dr. Barbara
I live in California and will be retiring for the night very soon. I do highly recommend that Cola be seen on Saturday morning there by your veterinarian. Initially, dystocia (trouble giving birth) can lead to fetal death, but ultimately the queen's life is at stake also. I really hope that all is OK, and I'd very much like to hear about Cola.
My very best wishes. . .
Dr. Barbara
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.
Cola has been seen by vet and they have told me she is not quite ready. Thank u so much for ur help do you know what I have been charged in total?
I am so glad that Cola is OK and her status has been checked by your vet there! She is a lucky little kitty to have you for her advocate!
Most likely, her delivery or queening will go very well. . .cats are real troopers!
Have fun!
Dr. Barbara