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My cat is a real softie....a house cat and very loving.......BUT

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My cat is a real softie....a 'house cat' and very loving.......BUT ...she absolutely HATES being picked fact. it isn't possible!!! She is also a very LARGE cat - not overweight but just plain big - and when I tried to pick her up once before, just for a veterinary check up, i nearly ended up in A and E! saw on TV a 'feral cat' grasper (poss American?) and thought this would be ideal but they are VERY expensive for the odd occasion I would need it - are there super-tough gloves available....? if so, can't find them on ANY SITE...I live on my own, so can't even enlist any help...!! If - God forbid - I did need to to get her to a vet, I would be at a loss how to pick her up to put her in the carrier !
Hello, I'm Dr. Bob. I understand the challenge of working with a cat like Missy. I'm happy to tell you that there are, indeed, less expensive heavy duty gloves available. Welder's gloves work very well to protect you from both scratches and bites. A really determined angry cat can still pinch a finger through the gloves, but they prevent penetrating wounds very well. You can find a good pair here: other styles are found by googling "Welder's gloves".
Another hint is to use a queen or king-sized pillow case to transport her where she needs to go. Simply lay the pillow case flat on the floor, open end up, then entice her to stand on the flat pillow, while slowly gathering the edges of the pillow case up and then quickly over her head, picking her up off the floor in a swift motion, and tying a knot in the open end to prevent her escape. Interestingly, they tend to calm down and behave while placed on the floor of the passenger side of your car while transported. Spraying the pillow case with Feliway spray, a pheromone product with calming properties, will make the transport even smoother. For some reason most cats never seem to make the connection between the flat pillow case and being transported, a very good thing! You can buy Feliway without a prescription online, or from pet stores and veterinarians. If you should have further questions, please let me know.
Kind regards, *****
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I will have to look for welders gloves, as there is NO way this BIG cat will fit into a pillow case...unless it is a tiger-sized one....she is also VERY suspicious and tempting her in - even with Feliway, which I have tried before when i first acquired her from a rescue shelter - would NOT be easy.

Will look for the welders' gloves...but as she is SO heavy, it will still be a struggle on my own, I suspect. Thanks for your advice.

Of course, I haven't seen her, but I'v e never seen a cat so large that they wouldn't fit in a King-sized pillow case. Laying the pillow case flat on the floor only requires that you get her to walk onto the flattened material laying on the floor. My own cat was a pistol to take in to my clinic and he never seemed to catch on to the trick. If I can be of any more assistance to you, do let me know.
Dr. Bob