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Dr. Dave
Dr. Dave, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  23 years small animal general and emergency practice
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I adopted an 8 wk old ***** ***** today at 8pm. As I was going

Customer Question

I adopted an 8 wk old ***** ***** today at 8pm. As I was going home with him , I noticed he had a flea on the side of his eye. I immediately rang his previous owner who said she sprayed him with Frontline flea spray at 4pm. Inevitably, I went straight to supermarket and purchased some Flea spray, Bob Martin ALL IN ONE.
When I arrived home, I bathed him in luke warm water and used dog shampoo.
After, I sprayed him with the flea spray. After the bath, he shook quite a bit but I kept him warm, holding him and drying him with a towel.
I later, out of curiosity, googled reviews of the flea spray and many of them refer to the spray as a killer. He is now sleeping, not shaking anymore but is very quiet and placid.
I'm hoping this is just the time of day it is (23:45) and not symptoms of this spray.
What advice do you have?
Many thanks----- I am extremely worried-----
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  Dr. Dave replied 3 years ago.

Dr. Dave :

Hello, and thanks for writing in.

Dr. Dave :

I'm getting some information for you.

JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : Thank you
Dr. Dave :

Do you have the container with you?

JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : Yes
Dr. Dave :

(The Bob Martin All in One product container)

Dr. Dave :

Does it list active ingredients on the bottle anywhere?

JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : I have it here beside
JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : No it doesn't
Dr. Dave :

Thanks for looking. I'm searching many places, including specific toxicology and veterinary specific websites, but no active ingredients are listed anywhere. It does say pesticide free, so it's more likely to be a "natural" type product. The information I have is that it seems to be more toxic to cats than dogs (which is the case with many flea & tick products.

JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : I should add that I didn't spray much because it was rather soon after his bath and it didn't want to traumatise him
JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : Why would a cat react differently to a small dog ?
Dr. Dave :

Many things say that the main problem is that it just doesn't work, not necessarily that it's toxic, but it sounds like some cats have died after it was applied to them.

Dr. Dave :

Cats react very differently to many products & medications compared to dogs. They metabolize things very differently, and many things that are not toxic to dogs, can be toxic to cats.

JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : But why specifically would it not kill a puppy when it certainly is lethal to cats?
Dr. Dave :

Because cats metabolize the exact same product/drug differently than dogs. For example, many flea & tick products contain pyrethrins to kill the parasites, and even though it's labeled to be safe in dogs and cats, we very rarely see side effects in dogs, but we very commonly see side effects in cats (including muscle tremors, seizures, and even death in some cases).

Dr. Dave :

Your pup will likely be fine, but just to extra safe, you could wash/shampoo your dog again, just to wash off any product residue from the haircoat and skin. This may not be needed, but you could do it to take the extra precaution.

JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : Ok- thanks you
JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : regarding the fleas
Dr. Dave :

You're very welcome.

JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : should I go to vet to have him put frontline on him again or will the spray today at 4pm which stayed on his coat until 9pm have rid the fleas?
Dr. Dave :

I would recommend contacting your local veterinarian about extra treatment with frontline. The frontline spray that was used should be effective, but it's not recommended to bathe a dog within 24 hours of applying frontline, since bathing can wash off some of the oil layer that is needed to help the frontline spread across the body and work properly, so some additional spray may be needed.

JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : Can frontline be bought in shops?
JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : im based in London
Dr. Dave :

In the US - yes. In the UK - I'm not sure. I can tell you that in the US, Merial (the company that makes Frontline), only sells to veterinarians. So, if you find it in a store, it may or may not be the real thing (we see product failures with "Frontline" purchased in stores here periodically. So, your best bet is to get it from your veterinarian, even if you do find it in a store.

JACUSTOMER-4d2whb9q- : Thank you for your advice
Dr. Dave :

You're welcome. I hope everything goes great. Have fun with your new puppy!