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Hi, I am having problems with dodgy diet, she will only eat

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Hi, I am having problems with dogs diet, she will only eat chicken and rice after a recent bad stomach. Is this a sufficient diet for her. I have tried starving for most of the day but when I put down puppy food she walks away. I have also tried just mixing a small amount of chicken with food, she eats this then leaves puppy food.
Hello, I'm Dr. Bob.
Puppies and dogs are much more interested in training us to do as they like, than we are in training them! It sounds like Dinky is quite talented in this regard. In the wild, dogs catch a rabbit or other small prey, gorge themselves,then may not eat again for 3 to 5 days. We insist on feeding them regular daily meals, or allow them to feed themselves at will. The result is that something like 75% of American dogs are overweight. Chicken and rice are not an adequate diet for a growing pup, but could serve as the base ingredients for a balanced diet if combined with other materials. You can buy recipes for balanced homemade online at, but before sentencing yourself to a lifetime of cooking for your dog, I would suggest trying to train her to eat normal dog food. Do not feed her anything for 2 days, do give her plenty of fresh water, then put down a dish of whatever balanced commercial dog food (just dog food,no chicken!) you want her to eat. If she doesn't eat in 20 minutes, take it up and wait three hours before offering it again. If you decide to use a canned food, be sure to refrigerate it to prevent spoiling. If she still turns up her nose, put it away for another three hours, then repeat the offer. If she refuses the food all day (which would be very surprising!), Repeat the process the next day. If she makes it through four days of not eating, she's exceptionally stubborn, and you'll probably lose your nerve, so preparing a balanced diet for her will be your only option. If you can hang tough, though she'll almost certainly come around within four days. This process can be repeated as often as needed should she revert as time goes by. Hopefully, within a week, you'll have won this particular battle and not have to cook for Dinky. If you should have any more questions, please let me know.
Kind regards, *****
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