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Dr. Jamie
Dr. Jamie, Veterinarian
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Hi our guinea pigs have bald spots behind their ears and noticed

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Hi our guinea pigs have bald spots behind their ears and noticed that small clumps of hair have fallen out- they're about 3mths old

Dr. Jamie :

Hi I am Dr. Jamie. Are they scratching? do you know what type of medication was in the drops?

Dr. Jamie :

what kind of bedding is in their cage?

Customer: The drops were ivermectin 0.5%
Customer: their bedding is mostly sawdust with a little hay and they scratch a little but not constantly
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ivermectin 0.5%, bedding mostly sawdust with a little gay and scratch a little but not constantly. The ivermectin was given as per the instructions
Thank you. Besides the baldspots behind thier ears has the hair loss resulted in any other bald areas? If so, where on the body?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No just a large area behind ear at neck area
It is normal for guinea pigs to have hairless skin right behind thier ears. If there is no hairloss elsewhere or intense scratching/redness, I would say nothing is wrong.
The natural bald spots behind the ears of guinea pigs should normally be about 1cm in diameter and there is usually a few scattered hair present at the site. If he is an albino pig, then this might be even more pronounced.
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