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Our Yorkshire Terrier has large dry patches on his under body

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Our Yorkshire Terrier has large dry patches on his under body and under front legs, vet does not know what is causing them she said it was the grass she thinks.
He has been given shampoo ,antibiotics , special dog biscuit and tin meat.
This has not worked before have you any idea's.

Dr. Scarlett :


Dr. Scarlett :

Sorry to hear that Ricky is having some weird skin issue. Can I get a little more information? Is he scratching or licking at these areas or do they not seem to bother him at all? How long have they been there? Did they start small and get bigger? Are they still getting larger?

Dr. Scarlett :

Is the S/O a new diet or has he been eating it for awhile? Does he have urinary issues?

Dr. Scarlett :

Are you able to attach a picture so I can get a better look at his skin? What shampoo have you been using and how often do you bathe him? How long has he been taking the Therios?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi there,

I'm having work done on my house which has made it not livable, so i've been staying at my parents house for the last six months which is when they sores started to appear. My parents live in the country surrounded by fields with cows and sheep. I live in the countryside too but with no cows etc near by. So i'm wondering if its an enviroment problem.


They start off small, like a pimple. Then they get as big as 10p piece. They then dry up and scab over, then fall off. They do bother him I think. As he can be sat still chilling and then he'll suddenly scurry away, so i think they might sting or itch every now and then.

When I went to my vet they asked for a water sample too. Which they found out he has crystals in his wee. So that's what the food is for.


He's had one course of antibiotics and used one bottle of the shampoo, of which I was told to bath him 3 times a week.


I've attached a couple of photo's, hope they are good enough to give you a clue.


thanks Scott.


The pictures look like "epidermal collarettes," which generally indicate a bacterial skin infection. My first treatment choice would have been that antibiotic, too, given for at least 3 weeks (skin can take a long time to heal). Is that how long you gave them to Ricky? Did the antibiotics seem to help at all?

The question is what is causing the skin problem. Frequently it is due to allergies--environmental (pollens, grasses, trees, fleas, etc) or food (say to chicken or corn, etc). Usually the dog is scratching at the areas, but not always. Sometimes there can be a fungal infection (not ringworm, but a Malassezia infection, which is a yeast the can be found on the skin), along with the bacterial infection. Does Ricky's skin/fur feel greasy at all?

If he took a full 3 weeks of the antibiotic and it didn't seem to help, a different antibiotic might be the answer. It would be a good idea to get a biopsy of one of the areas, but I think trying another antibiotic first would be reasonable. If the Therios wasn't given for very long and did seem to be helping a bit while he was taking it, then I would give it for at least 3 weeks; ideally a full week after the skin was completely healed.

Medicated baths can certainly help. What shampoo are you using? I like Malaseb, which contains chlorhexiderm and miconazole, which will help kill both bacteria and yeast. Lather the skin up well and then leave the lather on for a good 10 min before rinsing off. I recommend bathing 2-3 times per week, too.

If the infection improves, but then worsens again, I would ask your regular vet about checking Ricky's thyroid levels to make sure he is not hypothyroid. This can lead to chronic skin infections, but they aren't itchy.

If you think it could be an allergy, you might ask the vet about trying a short course of steroids, but I usually reserve those for really itchy dogs. There is a new allergy medication called Apoquel that is quite effective, but not sure if it is available in the UK right now.

As far as a food sensitivity, seems less likely unless you also changed diets when you moved in with your parents. Any chance you'll be moving back to your home anytime soon?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi, thanks for your reply.


After our first visit to the vet. They gave me the tablets (Therios) enough for a two week course and a bottle of the shampoo (Malaseb). And that was about 2 months ago. He took the course of tablets whilst bathing twice a week with the special shampoo. Everything did clear up for about two weeks, in which time the shampoo ran out and we thought he was now ok. Then it was last friday he all of sudden got the sores again. So I went to my local vet this morning and we got another 2 weeks worth of the Therios and another bottle of the shampoo Malaseb


His hair doesn't feel greasy. He's been eating the same food (Wainrights buisciut with Butchers meat) for about 3 yrs now and I haven't changed it, until now with this special food. I very strict on not giving him any human food. Hopefully I will be moving back home in the next month and hopefully it will dissappear. It's just I don't understand why now after 4 yrs has he suddenlly started with these sores, as we walk all over all kinds of terrain normally.


Thanks Scott.

With allergies, it does take time for the body to become sensitized to specific allergens. This is why kids don't generally have hay fever, but adults do. So unless it is a food allergy (since they have daily exposure to those allergens), we don't usually see allergies in dogs until they are between 4 and 6 years of age.

So it sounds like the Therios and Malaseb get Ricky back to normal; I'd definitely do them again! Once his skin has cleared up again, it would be a good idea to continue the baths at least weekly for maintenance. Hopefully once you get back to your house, his skin will settle down. It could also be something like house dust mites or molds, if your parents have an older house.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi there,


He's had his first tablet with his tea and he's just had a bath, so we'll see how we go. Like you say, I will keep up with the baths after the tablets are gone. And hopefully get him back to normal.


I'll have to hurry my builder up and get back home, Smile.


Thankyou for all your help and advice, its greatly appreciated. You've helped me understand and educated my concerns.


Thanks again.


You're very welcome. Hope things get under control when you move back or when the weather changes!
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