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Fluff returned after 3 days nearlyshe is fine was very tired

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Fluff returned after 3 days nearly''she is fine was very tired and hungry.she loves being outside but am afraid she will disappear again.I have fluffs mother and 2 brothers'4 of them get on well the other 3 are no bother and never go can I make her stay at home they have the best life and are spoilt rotten so why does fluff go away
Hello, my name is***** and I have over 20 years of experience as a veterinarian. I understand that your kitty Fluff was gone for 3 days and has returned home very tired and hungry and you are concerned about how you can convince her to stay closer to home and safe.

Some cats, like some people, live to explore and get into adventures. Once they have experienced the ability to roam and explore it is almost impossible to keep them close to home voluntarily, they cannot resist the urge to go. Once these kitties have had freedom it is unlikely that they will ever be happy being confined to a smaller area. It is a risk every cat owner that lets their kitties outdoors takes. It doesn't mean she is unhappy at home, but rather that she sees home as more of a safe area to rest and eat between adventures.

You could try to confine her to an outdoor cat enclosure so she cannot leave the yard. And there are flexible fencing tops that you can put on top of your fences which make it very difficult to climb the fence and get out. See this link for an example. (Though this is for chickens the same idea would work if the fencing was directed inward, towards your yard):

You can try giving her more to do in your backyard, building a sort of kitty playground with things to climb and hide in, and toys hidden to play with.

If she isn't spayed that should be done too, as unspayed females are more likely to roam to look for mates.

Best of luck with your girl, please let me know if you have any further questions.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your answer.I have bought a cat locator for her.I didn't think neutered cats especially females would travel very far.she is neutered.its only since weather got warm that she has started to stay away from home.she has 2 brothers and her mother all are here and she has a wonderful life.she is gone since morning and have a sinking feeling I won't see her tonight.the 3 other cats never go anywhere.I haven't had a chance to use the locator yet .so haven't a clue how well it works will she ever settle-mary

It is more common for intact males to wander as they are looking for mates. But adventurous females wander too. I think in cases of spayed and neutered kitties it is more related to personality.
It is common for warm weather to bring about more wandering because it is more comfortable to be out and there are more creatures out to hunt. She may become much more of a homebody again once the weather turns cold again. Some cats settle down with age, but I don't think that she will ever be a kitty that is content to be a homebody. She seems not to have that sort of personality.
It isn't that you aren't providing her a wonderful life, she just has the need for more excitement and stimulation and the drive to wander and explore.
I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get a chance to place the locator on her. I have not heard of anyone using them yet and I would love to hear how it works if you get the chance to place it on her.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi its Mary again fluff stayed around for the gone away again.gone a day.couldn't find her even with the locator as range so short.I'm going out of my mind again with worry.I need my cats to b in bed at night.she always returns but can't sleep when she out.please console me

Hello Mary, I am so sorry to hear that Fluff is giving you so much worry with her wandering. She is a very adventurous girl. The good news is that she is young and healthy and thus can probably take care of herself in most situations, but I know it is hard not to be concerned when they go missing for lengthy periods of time.
Short of locking her indoors or building a kitty enclosure, neither of which she may find satisfying, I can't think of what else you can do. Unfortunately once a kitty gets the urge and chance to go adventuring and they enjoy themselves keeping them home is nearly impossible.