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Dr. Deb
Dr. Deb, Veterinarian
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Im probably starting to annoy you I over worrying.terrified

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I'm probably starting to annoy you I over worrying.terrified now my other cat won't come back.trying to persuade myself he will b back soon.its pouring rain and booking he asleep somewhere cuddled up.he sleeps most of the husband says I should neVER GET PETS I worry too much.just need to know he OK and coming home
No, Mary, you're not annoying me:)

I've been in your shoes more times than I can count and I understand your fear and worry about Kitty. And you feel quite helpless which I also understand.

I suspect he's holed up somewhere since the weather is so bad; you know how much cats hate rain!

Have you gone around to your neighbors and asked if they've seen him? Even though they may not live close by, we know that Fluff travels great distances and he may as well.

Most cats have amazing survival instincts and he's not been gone for a terribly long time just least not as long as Fluff was gone.

I know this may not help you now with this situation but when he returns (because I believe he will), you might consider a harness for him. He'd be able to enjoy the outdoors but you'd have control over him. I don't think he'd enjoy staying indoors 100% but he might be less resentful then Fluff would be by restricting his exercise.

You might also consider building an enclosure for them which I believe one of the other experts mentioned.

Have faith that he'll be back once the rain stops. If Fluff came home, he probably will, too. Deb
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Thanks once again for the rating.

Please keep me posted about Kitty. I'll be off and on my computer most of the day so I'd like to know when he shows up. Deb

Just so you know, you don't have to post another question about this issue; we can continue to communicate about it even though you're already rated.

In fact, I've closed that other question so you won't be charged for it.

I now understand why your options are somewhat limited when it comes to an enclosure. It does sound like it would stress him out and his life would be miserable.

I wish I had a good explanation as to why he and Fluff have decided to roam now when they didn't before.
Perhaps they have more self-confidence? Perhaps they feel more comfortable leaving the safety of your home?
I often wish I knew why cats behave the way they do; sometimes I think it's just to drive us crazy...but this probably isn't really why.

For me, when I've been in this situation, I tell myself that even if the life is a shorter one than I'd like (I've had cats who never returned home) at least the quality of that life has been superior to the one which would have been led if I'd forced them to stay indoors. But this doesn't stop me from feeling awful:(

At the end of the day, though, I'd rather them be happy enjoying their adventures outside than miserable inside just to assuage my concerns about the trouble they could get into outside.