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Dr. P
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ive a shitz tsu she had fleas ive put treatment off frontline

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ive a shitz tsu she had fleas ive put treatment off frontline on her 3 days ago but the last few night she gone mad biting herself now she as red sore and fur missing off her back bout 2 inch long by half inch wide ive put a neck collar so she cant get to it is there any thing else i can do

Dr. P :

Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

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I was having trouble responding here. Sorry about that!

Your dog is most likely allergic to fleas so that they get an exaggerated itchy reaction. You don't want to give a bath because in the first 48 hours you can accidentally rinse off the Frontline. It is best to use a towel with cool water and hold it on the irritated area for 5 minutes at a time 3 - 4 times per day. The cool water helps to soothe the itch.

The other thing that you can try is benadryl at a dose of 1mg/lb body weight. It can be given every 6 - 8 hours with the biggest side effect being a little bit of drowsiness.

lastly, if you are seeing a lot of live fleas on your dog, you can get Capstar from your vet. It is a pill that kills off adult fleas quickly and can be given every day until things get under control

Lastly, if the skin remains inflammed, you can talk to your vet about having your dog go on a very short dose of steriods to get the itching and inflammation under control

I hope that this helps you some and sorry about the mix up earlier!

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