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Dr. P
Dr. P, Veterinarian
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Hello, my dog has inflamed submandibular, prescapular and popliteal

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Hello, my dog has inflamed submandibular, prescapular and popliteal lymph glands. She's off her dry food but still eats her tinned food, and she makes a snoring noise even when she's awake (but resting) this has lasted a couple of weeks and originally started with a short burst of sickness and rapid weight loss. Is this just an I.infection running it's course or should I be more concerned?
Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

In all honesty, you should be more concerned. If it were just the submadibular nodes, then maybe you could blame it on bad teeth. But when you have multiple sets of nodes that are enlarged accompanied with not feeling so hot then I would be mostly concerned about lymphoma.

In this case, it would be best to have Penny checked by your vet. You vet can do some tests and possibly recommend a biopsy to see if I am right. Most dogs will respond with prednisone. It can shrink down the nodes some and make many dogs more comfortable. time is of the essence here so you should make an appointment soon.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi, thanks so much. My nanna is always a bit reluctant to take her dogs to the vet as on the rare occasions she does they are put down. Hopefully your response will help me convince her it needs to be looked at.