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Hi, my nans dog was started on prednidale steroids for her

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Hi, my nans dog was started on prednidale steroids for her lymphoma 5 days ago, however there has been little to no change in her breathing, eating or lymph gland size. We were told to take her back to the vet 10-14 days after starting the medication but are wondering whether we need to take her sooner if the tablets aren't working. Should we be seeing a change by now? Or does it take longer than this for the tablets to take effect?
Hello, I'm Dr. Bob. I'm sorry to read of Penny's condition. Do you know the total amount of prednisolone she's getting per dose, how many doses are you giving per day, and how much she weighs?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

She weighs about 50kg, she has one dose of 25mg per day. She still struggles to breathe and although the snoring noise she was making has stopped since we began the steroids she has now just started making a new noise whilst resting, which she has never made before. It sounds almost like a swishing noise

Okay, thank you Jasmine.
I would suggest calling your veterinarian and reporting Penny's lack of response to the dose level of prednidale presently being given. The dose range for this medication is quite wide, and her veterinarian may have intentionally started her at a lower dose to see how she would respond. There are a number of different approaches to dosing prednisolone in lymphoma and you can read about many of them by initiating an online search here: Prednisolone dose for lymphoma in dogs. In the meantime, if you should have any questions, please let me know. My answer will be delayed, however as I'm going offline for the evening. I will respond later tonight.
Kind regards, *****
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My nan said she thinks the vet said it was a medium dose, and is worried that penny isn't enjoying life at the minute. I think if faced with an option for a higher dose or PTS then my nan will choose the latter option as she doesn't want the dog to suffer. As we will have to make an appointment soon anyway we may take her in midweek to see what the vet says. Thankyou for your help as if we do have to PTS then hopefully knowing it's a possibility may ease her passing for my nan.

Hello again, Jasmine. Before I let Penny go, I would try the higher dose of prednidale If you read the dose levels discussed in the articles I referenced, you can see that at 0.5 mg per kg, her dose is very much on the low end of the scale 3 to 4 mg/kg are sometimes used, that would be 150 to 200 mg total dose daily. When the steroid works, a period of very good quality of life is achievable. Of course each person is different in their thinking on this matter, but if Penny were my dog, I'd try a higher dose. IF I may be of any further assistance, please do let me know.
Kind regards, *****
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