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knstrand, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  I'm a small animal veterinarian - dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, pocket pets
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My 7 month old jug puppy is trembling and acting like he is

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My 7 month old jug puppy is trembling and acting like he is seeing things
knstrand :

Hello, I'm a small animal veterinarian and can try to help answer your question about Trevor.

knstrand :

Are there any other symptoms such as drooling, staggering, sensitivity to light/touch?

knstrand :

Was there something that could have truly scared her such as a loud noise - car outside/or thunder?

knstrand :

Possible toxicities include - mushrooms in the yard (some can be hallucinogenic), certain plants.

knstrand :

Is anyone in the house on medications? prescription or otherwise that could have been dropped?

knstrand :

It seems that maybe you are having trouble with the chat session. I will switch to Q&A format because this is easier for some people. You will still be able to respond.


Hi, I had to reboot, sorry. I'm not aware of a scare. he isn't drooling but he's licking his lips quite a lot. he is trying to sleep but keeps looking around him as if something's there. No mushrooms, no dangerous plants that I'm aware of or dropped tablets. he doesn't have access to medicines . we think he ate the wax off a babybel cheese earlier, it was red. is this serious?


He's not keen on being touched but he doesn't make a fuss he just pulls away

It's possible he is simply experiencing a belly ache from eating the wax. How big of a piece was it? The wax itself shouldn't be toxic. However, depending on the size of the piece ... there is a risk of obstruction. He might vomit later, hopefully he brings it up. You can try feeding him a piece of white bread in pieces. This bulk will help the pieces of wax pass .... again depending on the size. If the symptoms worsen or continue, have her seen by her regular veterinarian.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I guess around the size of a 10p coin in 2 halves, I will try the bread now

Likelihood is that the wax will soften with the warmth and stomach acid. That size should be small enough to pass. Keep an eye on her over the next few days for vomiting or unwillingness to eat. Hopefully this helps.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He ate some bubbles that the children were blowing earlier, he was licking them off the ground, they were big bubbles, could they be toxic

He isn't too keen on me touching his paws, he pulls them away, all of them.

Bubbles are non-toxic, especially if they are made for children. However, if he ate enough of them ... again, stomach upset might result. The bread will help absorb some of this as well.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Would stomach upset cause him to fly bite though?

No! It shouldn't. This does sound like some sort of toxicity ... possibly a plant or something we don't know about he found and ate. I would recommend seeking veterinary attention for an examination and observation. I would also recommend some subcutaneous fluids to help flush his system. Likely it will clear out of his system by tomorrow. However some toxins affect the liver and kidneys, so they may elect to run a blood panel.
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