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Samantha Stephenson
Samantha Stephenson, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  I have been a licensed veterinarian for 5 years.
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Hi I have 2 black and white adult cat - in relation to the

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Hi I have 2 black and white adult cats - in relation to the female - I have noticed that she has a lot of dandruff like flakes on her back, having checked her skin it is very dry, She isnt itching or anything but her fur (short haired) seems to be shredding everywhere. I have brushed her on a few occasions in order to take the excess floating fur off to avoid the hairball buildup. On the whole she is as happy as larry, eating ok but unlike the male cat whose fur is shiny (longed haired), her fur is somewhat dull. Would appreciate your help. They are both house cats and do not go out. Thank you

Samantha Stephenson :

Hello, the dandruff you are seeing could be caused by a skin mite.

Samantha Stephenson :

It is also possible that she has a flea allergy. Both cats can be bit a flea but only one may have an allergic reaction and have dry/flaking skin from it. I would get her on a topical flea control monthly and see if this helps. If it is the skin mite..Cheyletiella then the flea control will take care of it as well. If it doesn't clear up or her skin worsens..bring her to her veterinarian since sometimes they get a secondary skin infection that needs an antibiotic.

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