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Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob, Veterinarian
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Good morning, yesterday afternoon my AG parrot flew into a

Customer Question

Good morning, yesterday afternoon my AG parrot flew into a door banging her beak, and since has been very quiet. Eating a little bit of food, put appears to be sensitive to picking with her beak. This morning she is just perched every quiet, feathers fluffed. Not eating.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 3 years ago.
Hello, I'm Dr. Bob.I'm sorry to read of Cindy's accident, and I apologize for the length of time you've had to wait for a reply.
Head injuries to birds who fly indoors are not uncommon. Radiographs of the injured area may reveal fractures, but unless something is dislocated or displaced, requiring surgical correction, there isn't much that can be done to help speed the healing process. Do you see any misaligned areas on her beak or out of shape places on her head? Is she chewing normally?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Dr, Bob, thanks for your reply. Nothing out of shape, but the tip of her beak is broken off, a very small peice, no blood. She will chew, earlier today she crunched up small bits if food, but doesn't want to pick up food in the normal way, but by the side of the beak.


Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 3 years ago.
Okay, thank you Peter.
It sounds like she's pretty sore and bruised. Time is probably all that will be needed to allow her body to heal itself. The chipped beak shouldn't be a problem and as she heals she should start using it more naturally. You can help relieve any pain she may be feeling by adding a baby aspirin (they like the orange flavored ones best!) to one cup of her drinking water, preparing it fresh three times daily. Once wet, aspirin loses its efficacy over the next eight hours. This can be done for as long as it is needed. She should perk up and act more normal while taking the aspirin solution.
If you have not established a relationship with an avian veterinarian and think she needs to be examined, you can locate those nearest you by going online and googling "avian veterinarians + the name of the nearest large city".
Hopefully, she's just sore, and will be back to normal in three to five days or so, but if you should have any further questions, please let me know.
Kind regards, *****
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Bob, I will follow your advice and keep a careful eye on her. She is eating now, using the side of her beak.


Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 3 years ago.
You're most welcome, Peter. A chipped beak is much like a broken fingernail, uncomfortable but not usually dangerous. As as she's able to eat and drink she should be fine, but let me know if I may be of any further help.
Best regards, *****