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Dr Scott Nimmo
Dr Scott Nimmo, Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon.
Category: Vet
Satisfied Customers: 21762
Experience:  BVMS, MRCVS. { Glasgow UK }
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My cat brought in two half eaten dead rats within on day. As

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My cat brought in two half eaten dead rats within on day. As she never did this before, I assume the rats must have been poisoned.the rat she brought in yesterday had the body missing and only head kept and the one she just brought in had the skin nibbled away. We feed our cat well (probably too well) but I am so worried that she might have ingested rat poison. Shall I bring her to the vet and have her checked?
Scott Nimmo :

My name is ***** ***** I am an experienced small animal veterinary surgeon, I will be very pleased to work with you today and will try my best to answer your question to your satisfaction.

Scott Nimmo :

please tell me ... is your cat showing any adverse symptoms of any sort?

Scott Nimmo :

And are you aware of rat poison being put down in your locality?

Customer: Not yet. She is all fine. We have a food processing factory next door and a building site, I wouldn't be surprised if any of these used rat poison. However it is not confirmed.
Customer: the rat she just brought in was definitely not killed by her as it just gave her breakfast and she went out after that and came back in with the rat which was already stiff and dead for some time
Customer: She never caught mice or rats before, only birds and butterflies or moths
Scott Nimmo :

OK, thanks for the info. In over 28 years in practice in the UK I have never known a cat or dog to be poisoned through rats and mice which had died or were affected by poison, so the chances of your cat being affected would be very low indeed. Most dogs and cats are affected because the swallow the poisoned bait, dogs much more than cats.

Scott Nimmo :

The fact she is otherwise healthy and not showing any symptoms is also very encouraging ...

Customer: The rat from last night was eaten up with only the head left ? However, I don't know who did it
Customer: If it was her, would she have symptoms by now?
Scott Nimmo :

Though a remote possibility poisoning is technically possible so if you want ro be 100% certain you are doing the right thing then have a vet check her over tomorrow

Scott Nimmo :

It can take a few days for symptoms to appear so this is no pointer but the good thing is that the vets in the UK will pretty well always have an antidote handy for the commonest form of rat poison.

Customer: Or to rephrase: when after ingesting poison symptoms will show up?
Scott Nimmo :

The common rat poison in the UK is a warfarin type drug,

Customer: Ok, thank you. Let's hope for the eat then.
Scott Nimmo :

Symptoms can start to appear any time within the first three to four days after ingestion depending on the dose.

Customer: For the best I mean
Scott Nimmo :

It is commonly seen in the first 24 hours though

Scott Nimmo :

look out for bruising and bleeding of the mucous membranes in the mouth and eyes

Scott Nimmo :

you may see bruising or bright red patches

Scott Nimmo :

the affected cat could be lethargic and anorexic as well

Customer: She is black, would I still see it?
Customer: Anorexic as in not eating anything?
Scott Nimmo :

It is usually very obvious is poisoning has occurred

Scott Nimmo :

Sorry anorexic mean reduced or absent appetite for food

Customer: Ok, thank you for your help.
Scott Nimmo :

theses cats can be quite thirsty though

Scott Nimmo :

I hope I have covered your question fully enough but if you would like further clarification or to talk things over a bit more then I will be on-line for the next hour or so and I will be more than pleased to continue working with you.



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Hello again,

I am just getting back in touch to see how your cat is getting on after the suspect rat poison incident.

How are things going at present?