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Dr.D, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  27 years of small animal medicine and surgery experience.Licensed in Florida and Canada
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Hi my little dog has been on rimadyl for spondalosis in his

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Hi my little dog has been on rimadyl for spondalosis in his back he has been off them for 24 hours and id dithering and looks in pain again, is there anything I can give him untill I can get back to the vets next week? many thanks
Dr.D : Hello ,Welcome to JA ,I am DrD ,I am a licensed veterinarian ,I will try to do my best to assist you with your questions today.
Dr.D : How much Ollie weighs ?
Dr.D : Drugs like Rimadyl are called Non Steroidal Anti İmf
Dr.D : Anti Inflammatory Drugs
Dr.D : and it is not recomended to give another NSAID before the necessary time period which is usually 3 daya
Dr.D : these drugs ars eliminated through the kidney and you need to wait these 3 days for renal wash out of the previous one
Dr.D : Instead you may use Tylenol Arthritis formula at your own risk at the dosage of 10 mg/ per kg body weight 12 hours apart in a day
Dr.D : Because acetaminophen is not routinely used in veterinary medicine, experience on its adverse effect profile is limited. At suggested dosages in dogs, there is some potential for renal, hepatic, GI, and hematologic effects occurring.So make sure to use it when necessary . N o long term treatment please
Dr.D : You can also use Omega 3 fatty acids at 50 mg/ kg / day.
Dr.D : Omega 3 helps to reduce the inflammation
Dr.D : I also do not recommend long term usage of any NSAID s like Rimadyl . They may cause liver and Kidney failures.

Thats a great help many thanks, ***** ***** get some omega 3 and try him on that he is around 9 Kilos in weight, I will get him back to my vets for review next week

Dr.D : thank you. the dosage of the Tylenol is 90 mg.s twice daily. 90 mg. morning 90 mg. evening. pls do not exceed the recommended dosage.
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