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DrRalston, Veterinarian
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Hi,my 12 week old Pomeranian had his final jabs today. His

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Hi,my 12 week old Pomeranian had his final jabs today. His stools were runny since the weekend but today he is going outside every hour and it's diarrhea. Should I feed him? He is on raw food diet .
Hello, I'm Dr. Ralston. Thanks for your question.

Yes, you will want to feed him something. Pomeranians are more prone to low blood sugar than most breeds when they are puppies. I often see them for this. Signs might include: dizziness, wobbling, incoordination, falling over, weakness, coma, and even death. So, you want to be sure there is food available for this little guy.

I think that the yoghurt will be fine. But, I would also mix in some plain white boiled rice, and even some boiled potato as well. This will serve as an easy to digest food stuff, while his bowels are settling.

Be sure to have a fecal test performed on his poop to be sure he doesn't have any internal parasites or worms. This is important EVEN if he has been tested before, because it is recommended to test every 2-4 weeks and deworm every 2-4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old.

I would not give any protein source today. Wait until tomorrow.
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