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Dr. Deb
Dr. Deb, Veterinarian
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can I give tramadol and piriton to my dog

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can I give tramadol and piriton to my dog
Hello, I'm Dr. Deb and will do my best to help you today.

Yes, you can give both Tramadol and Piriton ( Chlorphenamine) to dogs either separately or concurrently but as to why you might want to use these drugs depends on the symptoms your dog is experiencing.

The dose for Tramadol is quite a wide one but I typically start with 1/2 mg/lb twice a day. This drug is well tolerated by most dogs but potential side effects might include: excessive sedation, agitation, anxiety, tremor, dizziness , or gastrointestinal signs such as inappetence, vomiting, constipation to diarrhea.

The dose of Piriton would be 2-8 mg/day (total dose) with sedation the most common side effect although diarrhea, vomiting and anorexia may also be seen in some dogs.

I hope this helps. Deb
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Many thanks for your reply. The reason I am asking is he started licking the base of tail last night and I noticed this afternoon the underside of his tail is red raw. I gave him a piriton with his meal to see if this would help, but he is quite distressed by his tail. I was wondering if he was in pain and as I have 2 tramadol tabs left should I give him one to see if that helps?

He weights approx. 37kg - the tramadol capsules are 50mg each

You're more than welcome.
It's possible that his anal glands are troubling him so it might be worthwhile having them emptied or checked just to rule out this issue.
Fleas can also sometimes be the culprit, too, or allergy issues.

Antihistamines can sometimes be helpful with allergy issues but they frequently aren't quite strong enough for many dogs. I probably would have tried the Piriton as well to see if it helped but I can't say I'm surprised if it didn't.

I'd probably have him wear a cone so that he can't further traumatize the area although I'm certain that he won't thank me for suggesting it.

I'd also clean the area with dilute betadine or iodine (to the color of weak tea) twice a day. Then I'd apply over the counter cortisone ointment to the area which can help with the inflammation that's most likely present.

I'm not certain if Tramadol would be a drug which I'd dispense in this situation but you it could be given. The dose I'd use for a 37 kg dog would be 50 mg twice a day.

I should point out that it would be illegal for me to suggest that a drug be given to a patient for whom it wasn't prescribed but I can provide the dose which is what I have done.

It's possible that the above will be sufficient to provide relief for him or he may need stronger drugs from your vet, but hopefully, he'll feel better such that a vet visit can be avoided.

I hope this helps. Deb
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He was treated with Frontline on Monday, which is a treatment I have used since he was a puppy and he hasn't reacted in the past.

He was also groomed on Thursday and they usually check ears\anal glands but I presumed everything was ok then .

I did change his food at the start of the week from NatureDiet to Forthgale - that is the only thing I can think of.

I have tried to put cream on his tail, but he is so strong and what little I manage to get on him he licks off. I have now put his comfy cone on.

He does seem a little calmer now, I guess the piriton now working. I am just worried that he get his tail infected.

The tramadol were prescribed for him, I will see how he goes on for the next hour.

Would it be ok to give him another Piriton around mid-night to help him through the night?

So grateful for your advise - just hate to see him in so much discomfort.


Glad I can help. I know how distressing it must be for you to see him so uncomfortable:(

I wouldn't necessarily expect Frontline to cause such an intense reaction. And even though it's used for flea and tick problems, it doesn't actually repel fleas (which you may already know). So, for the sake of argument, if he's become allergic to flea saliva and one or more was feeding on him, then he might bite at his tail in this way.
But, I'll admit that his reaction seems a little intense for this problem.

Groomers often only empty anal glands (if they empty them at all without being asked) externally. They don't go in rectally to empty them which is the better method. Your groomer may be the exception in which case, anals aren't likely to have triggered this response.

We may never know exactly why he's mutliating his tail in this way but preventing more damage will go a long way towards the healing process.

Yes. Piriton can be given every 8-12 hours so another dose would be a good idea, especially since he seems calmer about his tail.

And, glad to know that the Tramadol was prescribed for him.

Keep me posted if you have a chance. I'd like to know how he makes out. Even after you've rated (if you do, of course), we can still continue to communicate at no additional charge to you. I can also send you a follow up email tomorrow to which you can respond when you have the time to do so.

Best of luck with him. Regards, Deb
Dr. Deb and 2 other Vet Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much Deb - it has helped me having your advice.

I was just so shocked to see how much hair he had lost from the underside of his tail just by licking !!

I didn't realise there were different ways to clear the anal glands and like you say I don't think the groomer would have done this internally.

Can I just ask the over the counter cortisone ointment you mentioned - would this be animal specific or can it be an ointment humans can use???

I promise that's my last question Smile

Thanks for the rating; it's greatly appreciated.

No worries about any additional questions:)

It's always amazing to me how much damage can be done in such a short period of time even though I've seen a large number of dogs with these issues over the years.

Yes, over the counter, human cortisone is fine and what I would suggest.

If you can find Vetericyn (LINK) in local pet or grain stores, this product can be quite helpful for skin lesions of this sort. Clean first with Betadine, let it dry, spray with Vetericyn and after it's dried, apply the cortisone. It's not critical that you purchase this product but I've been impressed with how quickly skin lesions heal when it is used.

I'll look forward to chatting with you tomorrow about Toby but if you have additional questions about thistoday, let me know. For now, unfortunately, I have to step away to help a neighbor with health issues so will have to log off, but I'll check back in later and respond as soon as I can.

I’m just following up on our conversation about Toby. How is he doing? Deb
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Deb

Thanks for the email - he spent last week wearing his comfy cone and I think that helped a great deal. He still has a bald patch but this is now pink rather than the raw red colour it was last week and he seems to be leaving it alone now thank goodness. I am still awaiting delivery of the Vetricyn as I had to order on-line so that may not be needed but at least I will have it in for the future (hopefully it wont be needed Smile). I applied Caneston hydrocortisone & clotimazole a couple of times last weekend - think this helped too. Once again many thanks for your advice.

I'm just glad that my suggestions appeared to help him which sounds like it's the case.

That's a shame that you've had to wait so long for the Vetericyn and hopefully, you won't have occasions in the future to use it, but if you do, at least you'll have it on hand. I've even used it on wounds on my body and been amazed how much more quickly they've healed.