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Experience:  I have spent many years in mixed practice, dealing with all the major species.
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I recently took our white boxer to his normal vet's, as I knew

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I recently took our white boxer to his normal vet's, as I knew he was not right.
The vet told me it was to do with his heart, he was born with a heart mumor, that was on Wednesday 24th September 2014. Subsequently he had to go back on the Friday 26th September, he had bloods taken and a chest xray.
I rang the vets 1st October to find out his results, I had to make another appointment for the following day, 2nd October, as I was still not happy, the vet then said he had bad ear's and gave him painkillers, and to return the following day for more test to determine if he had any fluid in his lungs or stomach, I took him back on the 3rd as told, but I did say I would not pay anymore than £250.00 as they had booked him in for a heart scan on the 6th October, they telephone me his xray was clear as were his bloods, I was told to pick him up as they could not do the test's as I had put a limit on spending,
later that day I was not happy at all and nor was my poor Dempsey. I took him to a different vet for a second option, I was informed it was neurological, straight away without even checking him over, which she did after. I was heart broken, we went home, that night he was in pain yelping and pacing as he had done since he first went to his normal vets, who told me he was not in pain. Saturday morning 4th October his was in great distress, my daughter and I returned to the second vets, who told us he was having seizers he had a brain tumor, we had to have him put to sleep. How did the first vet not see or even suggest it was neurological? what can I do?
Hi there, vet Andrew here.
It sounds like you've been through a hard time. Before I start, please note I cannot make specific judgements on your vets, as I didn't examine Dempsey myself nor have I seen the clinical records. That said, you are clearly distressed and you have options open to you which I can explain.
To answer your burning question first - how could the first vet have missed the neurological signs - I see that some time passed between vet 1 and vet 2 seeing him. It may be as simply that Dempsey was not exhibiting signs when vet 1 saw him, and that by the time vet 2 examined him, the signs were apparent. You may think this unlikely, but we do have to consider both sides. It may be that vet 1 got focused on the heart murmur (common in white boxers) or the ears and missed the neurological signs.
Whatever happened, we can't turn back time but what we can do is set procedures in motion for an investigation into the case to help put your mind at rest.
1. Contact vet 2 and discuss the matter with them. Remind him/her of the circumstances in case details were missed at the time. Explain you were not happy with vet 1, and ask for an opinion on the matter.
2. Write a formal letter to the senior partner of vet 1's practice. Set out the story logically from start to finish and emphasise that you are not happy, and what you would like done about it. Send the letter the next morning once you've had time to sleep on it and re-read.
3. Give vet 1's practice a chance to respond - they are obliged to - and if you are still not happy witht the result, contact the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons ( and they will initiate an official complaints process.
I hope this sets out your options clearly and gets you started. I cna't be involved in the case investigation but what I can do is offer my condolences for your loss of Dempsey and wish you the very best.
Vet Andrew
Hi there, vet Andrew here. How are you getting on?
Vet, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
Satisfied Customers: 83
Experience: I have spent many years in mixed practice, dealing with all the major species.
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