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Hi. I have a female chameleon and she is has been laying eggs

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Hi. I have a female chameleon and she is has been laying eggs for three weeks now, which is longer then she has taken before. At one point she sealed up and we gave her a warm bath and she started laying again. Tho the last few days she has hardly moved from her vine under the lamp and still has eggs to be layed. She wasn't drinking at all and has gone right off her food, ,also she is sleeping a lot. Today she drank like there was no tomorrow and I left her by the water bowl and had to go to work . My girlfriend came home three hours later and she had not moved and was freezing cold. She has very little movement at the moment and does not seem her self. Any ideas? Thanks
Thank you for your question, I'm Dr. Dan and I'll try to help you.
I'm sorry Coco is feeling bad! What you are describing is called follicular stasis. This means that when she was laying her first and second batches of eggs during that time she used up her available calcium store s in her blood. It takes an enormous amount of calcium to contract the muscles to move those eggs out and that's after it took a lot of calcium to create the eggs. What needs to be done is to make sure she stays warm tonight as likely she won't move too much. Then in the morning have her blood calcium level evaluated by the vet. Through a combination of calcium and oxytocin injections these eggs can moved out and her blood calcium restored. At that point oral calcium supplements can help her recover the calcium she's pulling from her bones to set her up and keep her healthy for the next time she lays eggs.
I hope this helps, if not please feel free to ask more questions.
Dr. Dan
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