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My dog has been constipated and vomiting all night, he's 13

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My dog has been constipated and vomiting all night, he's 13 and has been off colour for a couple of days, .I'm worried
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here.
Vet : Could he have eaten anything unusual recently? Does he have a habit of picking up rubbish?
JACUSTOMER-vceezxx5- : No he is a very fussy eater, he's had nothing apart from a few dog mixer biscuits
Vet : What breed is he?
JACUSTOMER-vceezxx5- : Collie crossed with a springer spaniel
JACUSTOMER-vceezxx5- : he is straining every 5/ 10 mins, clear fluid is leaking from him at this point
JACUSTOMER-vceezxx5- : he has stopped vomiting
Vet : the straining is most likely an inflamed bowel which makes him feel like he needs to go when there's nothing there. The fact that the vomiting has stopped suggests a stomach bug which is working itts way through. He could have picked this up from being in contact with other dogs, or indirectly from shared walking grounds.
Vet : The best things to do is offer some plain rice and boiled, skinless chicken for him to eat, as well as plenty of fresh water. As he improves, gradually reintroduce his normal food.
JACUSTOMER-vceezxx5- : thats what I thought, although he doesn't have contact with other dogs, and hasn't used shared ground recently as we have land at home, with no other animals, I'm concerned he may be dehydrated.. Ok thankyou, I will take him to local vets anyway when they open today.
Vet : This condition should improve over the next few days, and he should be back to his old self in a week. Signs to look out for include lack of improvement, blood from either end, forceful vomiting or straining and a tense abdomen. If you see any of these, you must take him straight to the vet.
Vet : Sorry, didn't see your last post. Is he not drinking?
JACUSTOMER-vceezxx5- : No he's not drinking.
Vet : If he's there with you, pinch up some skin over his shoulder to make a small tent, and let go. If it doesn't drop straight back he's dehydrated. You can also feel the inner lining of his lip - it should be moist. If he won't drink and has been vomiting then yes, you should take him to the vet's as he may need a drip.
Vet : I hope this helps. Do you have any other questions?
JACUSTOMER-vceezxx5- : Thankyou for your help, much appreciated
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No problem. Thanks for your kind rating, and please let me know how you get on. You can do this free of charge by leaving a message on this thread.
Vet Andrew
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi, thanks for your help, it turned out my dog had a large growth in his rectum, which required emergency surgery, he is recovering well, and hasn't tried to remove any of his 20 stitches lol, you helped me through a really bad night, and obviously no one could have known what was wrong without X-rays.
Thanks again
Michelle and Horlix...
Well, that's an unusual thing to find. At least you can be assured you did everything you could that night. You could hardly be expected to diagnose a rectal growth at home! I hope all goes well for you both.
Vet Andrew