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My male budgie (approx 3 years) has all of a sudden stopped

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My male budgie (approx 3 years) has all of a sudden stopped eating his food; Trill manufacturers have changed their 'formula' and he took a dislike to it. since then, any seed which i'm putting in his pot he's ignoring. he hasn't eaten for two days. he has millet to try but he's not interested. he's usually very bright / talkative / energetic but obviously he's now beginnning to deteriorate. any suggestions?
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here. Are you available at the monent?

available now - yes

Vet : I should be available for the rest of the day now. When you reply to this I will be notified.

I'm back at my desk now

Vet : Ok. Is he showing any other signs of illness, such as diarrhoea, discharges or breathing trouble?
Ok, the system seems to jumping around a lot so I've switched it to QandA format.
I'll assume he's not showing any signs of illness and approach this as a dietary problem. Make sure there's plenty lf fresh water available as the last thing he needs is dehydration, but you need to get some calories into him.
Convalescing budgies often take well to baby food, usually the vegetarian type, as this is easy to eat, well balanced and carefully formulated. I suggest you nip out to the shops and get a few different flavours and offer small amounts of each together.
In the long term, you'll have to do the same with a range of different budgie foods. He'll tell you when you've hit the right one. If he hasn't eaten by tomorrow evening then you'll have to take him into the vet's for some force feeding, as budgies have little fat reserve and don't hold up well under starvation.
I hope this helps and that you get on top of the situation,
Vet Andrew
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