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Vet, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  I have spent many years in mixed practice, dealing with all the major species.
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dog had kennel cough 8 week's ago and a kennel cough booster

Customer Question

dog had kennel cough 8 week's ago and a kennel cough booster 4 week's ago she is still snorting in her nose
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  Vet replied 4 years ago.
Vet :

Hi there, vet Andrew here. When you post a message I will be notified and will come online.

JACUSTOMER-b39qkiwl- :

where is my advice

Vet : Hi there, since this question has been posted as a chat-type I like to ensure the customer is online before proceeding.
Vet : Hi, I don't seem to be able to contact you. If you still need advice I suggest you repost as a Q&A format question. Regards, ***** *****
Vet : Hi, are you online?
Vet : ...
JACUSTOMER-b39qkiwl- :

yes i am on line

Vet : Did Tessa get antibiotics for the kennel cough?
JACUSTOMER-b39qkiwl- :

what is your advice please

JACUSTOMER-b39qkiwl- :

yes 7 day course

Vet : Was there any difficulty in administering the kennel cough vaccine?
JACUSTOMER-b39qkiwl- :


Vet : Has the snorting been going on since the booster?
JACUSTOMER-b39qkiwl- :

her nose has gone from black to pink

JACUSTOMER-b39qkiwl- :


Vet : Does the snorting happen at any particular time of day?
JACUSTOMER-b39qkiwl- :

no only when she gets excited

Vet : And what comes out? Green mucus or clear fluid, or some other colour?
JACUSTOMER-b39qkiwl- :


JACUSTOMER-b39qkiwl- :

and a rasp in her throat

Vet : Ok, from what you've told me there doesn't seem to be any severe problem in the nose such as an abscess or polyp blocking it. However, the loss of pigment in the nose is of some concern as it is sometimes related to past inflammation. Since this is related to the vaccine I strongly recommend you tell your vet, who will report the reaction to the vaccine company. In the meantime, her sore throat may be eased by giving half a child's dose of Benylin dry cough.
JACUSTOMER-b39qkiwl- :


Vet : If you are not happy with the situation after a week I would head over to your vets, as they will have stronger, veterinary-specific drugs to help her throat. Please make sure you report this reaction, though.
Vet : Some dog owners swear by Vick's Vaporub for similar disorders. Dissolve a teaspoonful in and mug of hot water and soak a rag in it. Place this near her nose and let her inhale it. If she doesn't like it, stop.
Vet : Do you have any further questions?
Vet :

Hi, please don't forget to rate my answer if you are happy, or ask further questions if you need to. Regards, ***** *****

Vet :

Hi there, vet Andrew here again. I don't seem to have received a rating or payment from you. Could you please do this as soon as possible? Thanks.