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Vet, Veterinarian
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My horse is new and done a lot in the last 2 weeks including

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My horse is new and done a lot in the last 2 weeks including jumping but in the last two days he's refused to move in his field ( we had to literally herd him with a tractor ). He sweating but will east when the bucket is given into him. He was really dehidrated and drank loads yesterday
Vet :

Hi there, vet Andrew here. What do you feed him on?

JACUSTOMER-xnoxi1ny- : Sorry, hi Fi and fast fibre
Vet :

Does he seem stiff on the hindquarters especially?

JACUSTOMER-xnoxi1ny- : Yes
Vet :

How old is he?

JACUSTOMER-xnoxi1ny- : 6 year old trotter which had done no work until I got him one month ago
Vet :

OK. Did you by any chance let him rest over the weekend?

JACUSTOMER-xnoxi1ny- : Yes, he lied down in his stable as soon as he got back from the show on Sunday
JACUSTOMER-xnoxi1ny- : I left him there over night and put him back in the field on Monday morning
Vet :

Right. As far as I can see this is a case of tying-up, also known as azoturia, or Monday morning disease. It occurs when a horse is worked hard, fed accordingly then rested without a corresponding reduction in feed. The muscles get used to the work, then seize up after rest, very much like bad, whole-body cramps. The sweating is due to pain. He needs to be given box rest, with rugs if he seems cold.

Vet :

As his muscles are damaged, the by-products are released into the blood and need to be flushed from the kidneys with plenty of water. You may see his urine is a little pink - if you see this, your vet should take a blood sample to monitor recovery.

JACUSTOMER-xnoxi1ny- : Thank you, ***** ***** what we were hoping
Vet :

If you can possibly avoid it, try not to move him too much until he eases naturally.

Vet :

Cut his hard feed down but offer hay as normal.

Vet :

If he has done it once, he will be prone to doing it again, so here are some tips:

Vet :

1. Try to even out his exercise over the week, but if you can't then cut back his hard feed on rest days.

Vet :

2. Never let his water bucket go dry.

Vet :

3. Feed a vitamin E supplement, from an animal feed store as directed.

Vet :

4. If he has a attack, it may be wise to keep some bute to dose him with immediately - ask your vet.

JACUSTOMER-xnoxi1ny- : Thank you!
Vet :

5. Also, don't force him to move in the event of another attack, unless completely unavoidable.

Vet :

I hope this has helped. He should ease over the next few days, but the effects will be seen in his blood for many weeks, so be careful about working him. Do you have any further questions?

JACUSTOMER-xnoxi1ny- : He won't move out of the field or take the food including Bute
Vet :

Is his stable in the field?

JACUSTOMER-xnoxi1ny- : Field
Vet :

If the night is going to be cold/rainy where you are then you may be able to shift him with a friend by linking arms behind him and pushing, or as a last resort with the tractor, but if he really won't move then throw some rugs on him, put some bedding nearby and let him sit the night out. You will be causing more damage to the muscles by forcing too much movement.

Vet :

The bute may help, however. Try mixing the bute in apple sauce or honey and see if he will take it. It may ease him enough to let him creep to the stable.

Vet :

If you are really worried then he may need a jab of flunixin from your vet - this eases alot of the pain almost instantly

JACUSTOMER-xnoxi1ny- : Thank you, ***** ***** rugged him and put his good and water by him, we'll get brute into him in the morning as he was eating earlier so hopefully he'll get hungry again
Vet :


Vet :

Well, I hope I've covered everything for you. Please let me know how you get on with him. All the best, ***** *****

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Vet Andrew