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Dr. Barbara
Dr. Barbara, Board Certified Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  Thirty years experience in small animal medicine and surgery.
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My 15 year old dog keeps peeing in the house is there a

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My 15 year old dog keeps peeing in the house is there a medication I can give him or anything else I can do?
Dr. Barbara :

Hi, Welcome to JustAnswer. I am a licensed veterinarian and I'm here to help you. In older dogs such as Disney, there are several diseases that can cause excessive urine production and dogs start having accidents in the house. The diseases are diabetes, kidney disease, lower urinary tract infection, and Cushing's disease. There are also other less common problems that can lead to this.

Dr. Barbara :

Is Disney also drinking more water than when he was younger?

JACUSTOMER-8gzy08hj- : Yes he's taking medication for arthritis . Meta calm. I'm not prepared to put him thru lots of tests. It will distress him.
Dr. Barbara :

Metacalm (or metacam as we call it here in the states) is an NSAID (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug) which is used for arthritis. Actually, my own dog takes this too. There are usually no side effects, but in some animals it can cause liver inflammation, kidney inflammation, and stomach irritation. Since Disney is urinating more and more often, then the Meta calm may have affected his kidneys. To sort out what is going on for Disney, a blood profile and a urinalysis would be checked, and once he was diagnosed then a treatment should/could take care of his problem and he wouldn't be producing so much urine. If a trip to the vet is very stressful for Disney, there are mobile veterinarians in most locations that will come to your home.

Dr. Barbara :

The only thing you can do at home to keep you and Disney comfortable is to make sure he has all of the water he wants to drink and gets outdoors every 1-2 hours to urinate. You should also clean any places he has urinated with an enzymatic cleanser to remove not just the stain, but the odor too.

Dr. Barbara :

If you try to control his urine production by withholding water, Disney will just become dehydrated and ill.

JACUSTOMER-8gzy08hj- : No I won't do that. Is there a medication I can get for him?
Dr. Barbara :

Unfortunately not. Older dogs can also become incontinent, and there is also a prescription medication for this. Is he just leaking little bits of urine especially when laying down?

JACUSTOMER-8gzy08hj- : He just gets up and pees! So unlike him so I'll take him to vet tomorrow. Think he has become incontinent. He's doing so well but think I
JACUSTOMER-8gzy08hj- : he has dementia a bit too.
JACUSTOMER-8gzy08hj- : He doesn't leak when lying down.
Dr. Barbara :

That could also lead to house soiling also. We can do quite abit to help our older dogs "age gracefully". For Disney, it will be important to determine how his organs are functioning, if he has a urinary tract infection, and to treat what ails him. For dementia your vet will have different medications that can help his blood flow to his brain, decrease some inflammation and hopefully help him to be more "alert". There's even a diet formulated to provide the extra nutrients our older dogs need. You are already alleviating his pain, but sometimes pain in rising will keep dogs laying down too long because it hurts to get up, and then their bladders get overly full. Disney might benefit from a complimentary pain reliever such as tramadol or gabapentin.

JACUSTOMER-8gzy08hj- : Thankyou. Will get on to it tomorrow xx
JACUSTOMER-8gzy08hj- : He's also gone food mad too. Very unlike him completely obsessed and pacing all the time.
JACUSTOMER-8gzy08hj- : My vet basically said it's the beginning of the end which is very negative. Am trying my best.
Dr. Barbara :

You are very welcome! This sounds more like Cushing's disease or diabetes. Both would cause polyphagia ("food mad") and PU/PD (polyuria/ polydipsia) (producing a lot of urine/ drinking a lot of water).

Dr. Barbara :

Disney is older, but is doing well other than the disease that is affecting him. This is true for all of us; young and old. Eventually, our organs shut down from age. . .but I am very certain from what you have shared that Disney is shutting down, just has one disease or another that needs addressing.

Dr. Barbara :

OH NO!!!!! I meant to say that Disney ISN'T shutting down!

JACUSTOMER-8gzy08hj- : Thankyou xx
Dr. Barbara :

You are welcome! Best of luck to you both!

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