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Dr. Barbara
Dr. Barbara, Board Certified Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  Thirty years experience in small animal medicine and surgery.
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Our cat has high blood pressure thyroid problem and kidney,

Customer Question

Our cat has high blood pressure thyroid problem and kidney, she was fine till week ago, please don't say this is serious as it will upset me too much. The vet has put her on medication . Have to stop her normal diet which was treats and normal cat food. Something to do with phosphorous. She is now on a special food diet and we were told to give her a packet morning and evening. My question is can we spread this out throughout the day as she is desperate for food. She is used to eating as and when. Thank you. I didnot speak to the vet my husband did as I get too upset. Lynda
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  Dr. Barbara replied 3 years ago.
Dr. Barbara :

Hi, Welcome to JustAnswer. I am a licensed veterinarian and I'm here to help you. Yes, you could spread it out and feed her some fresh food 3-4 times daily. If she's not overweight, you could even offer her a little more food than 2 packets.

Dr. Barbara :

It is very common for cats to become hyperthyroid , have high blood pressure, and have kidney problems when they get older, and we can usually treat these issues together for a long time. It does take monitoring them so that adjustments can be made in their medications.

Dr. Barbara :

Another way to bring down phosphorous, BUN, and creatinine levels is to give our kitties fluids under their skin as often as your vet determines would be helpful. Almost always, owners balk at this at first, but then with instruction, get quite proficient at this. Has your vet talked about this?

Customer : No the vet has not mentioned this, I am pleased we can give her more food. She does not like the food the vet suggested but we mix it with with royal canine food. She is not overweight but is looking for food a lot. . If you can suggest some other food that would've great. Hope you can understand this, my c
Customer : Ipas
Customer : D has gone weird, am not able to see what is coming out on screen and the grey board is split on screen, very peculiar.!!!!!1
Dr. Barbara :

Ah, computer problems!!!!! Drive me crazy!!!!! There are several manufacturers of kidney food, so let your vet know that she doesn't particularly like what you are currently feeding her. Also, the goal is to feed her the highest percentage of the special renal diet that she will eat well, so you may have to mix in some of her regular food. I usually begin with a smorgasbord of the various kidney foods and let the cat decide.

Customer : Thank you so much for your reply. No the vet didn't mention other foods for her. Do you think could order on-line? She is eating well as long as it is mixed with her usual food, today though she has not drunk as much as usual. She does seem to be scratching and has some scabs, have given her the stuff you put on the neck. The vet did not check for fleas, she is long haired and I I notice on this new dieters food that she seems to get her hair balls up a lot easier. Not sure what you mean by fluids under the skin, is that done by the vet.? She is strong and gets hereself up on the settee, I forgot to mention that her sight is not good which seemed to happen overnight recently. I do feel that she is a little depressed, can this be treated along with all the other medication that she is taking? Thank you so much for your time, I find it do much easier to discuss these issues online as I get so emotional at the vets , my husband akes her usually. Lynda
Customer : I feel sure she thinks that she is being punished as she was always given treats, she is going to her bowl and sniffing and walks away looking very sad.
Dr. Barbara :

Hi Lynda! Regarding her food, I think it would be best to see what your vet has and buy a can of each of the kidney foods to see which she likes best. If your order online, you'd have to buy a case just to test it. If she is eating more canned food than usual then she is getting more water in her food, so this may be the reason she isn't drinking as much as usual.

Dr. Barbara :

Does sound like she had fleas, so I hope the medication you applied topically takes care of that. If you see any small black "debris" on her, you can put some on a white paper towel and wet them. If they bleed pink/orange/ brown, then this is flea debris. Eventually, this debris will be gone, because the fleas will be gone if you keep the topical flea product on her monthly.

Dr. Barbara :

If her eyesight is less, this may be due to detached retinae from her high blood pressure and there is no treatment for this other than keeping their blood pressure within normal range. Even then, the retinae are probably permanently detached. Cats do adjust to this eventually (if this is her problem), but just don't move the furniture around! This may also be why she seems depressed to you. . .she's adjusting to this decreased or lack of vision. We do have antidepressants we can use, but I think giving her a little more time to adjust would be best for right now. I would also feed her more food and more frequently. . .a little at a time. Remember, with decreased vision she is relying more on her sense of smell, so finding some food in her bowl will be rewarding. She can also certainly still get some treats! You could divide the treats into smaller pieces and give her just a little at a time. Remember, the goal is to feed her the highest percentage possible of her renal diet but to still have her enjoying life. . .smaller treats, finding the renal diet that she likes best, ***** ***** in the regular food she loves.

Dr. Barbara :

I'm glad that you can talk more calmly and freely here online. . .I think a lot of people find this to be true.

Customer :

Thank you again. The vet only has sachets 2 flavours. I am pleased she can have some treats, can she have biscuits? Holly has drunk a little more today which is great, she is now munching merrily away on her food. Am so grateful to you. lynda

Dr. Barbara :

Hi Lynda, Biscuits are fine. We just want to maintain her on as much of the renal diet as we can. We also want her to enjoy her life! The renal diets are formulated to deliver less protein and less phosphorous, and are generally higher in fat content to maintain a good calorie level. Any amount of this diet that is substituted for her regular diet will be decreasing her total phosphorous, BUN and creatinine levels which will help her to feel better. So with this in mind, be judicious with her treats and regular food. For example, breaking the biscuits into smaller pieces should be feasible, and your kitty will get the taste and pleasure of her treat without unbalancing her renal diet.

Dr. Barbara :

So nice to hear that she is merrily munching away on her food :-)

Customer : Thank you once again, I feel she needs some pleasure too, I will cut into tiny the biscuits into smaller pieces as you suggest, I will also try and get her some if
Customer : Different food. I want to rate you but I believe if I do that I won't be able to re read your replies or ask you any more questions, not sure if that is the case will definately be the highest score.
Dr. Barbara :

Hi Lynda, Thank you for your very kind words! Actually, you can rate me and the thread stays open for quite awhile so that we can continue chatting. . .

Dr. Barbara :

Actually, how are things going by today???? I've been out of town and didn't realize that you had responded on 11/15. So sorry that I've been out of touch this long!