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Vet, Veterinarian
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Experience:  I have spent many years in mixed practice, dealing with all the major species.
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there is a few of my koi upside down, and asleep on there

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there is a few of my koi laid upside down, and asleep on there side, every time i check to see if there alive they swim off. I have done a part water change today. any help appreciated.
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here.
Vet : Obviously I can't diagnose this problem without seeing the fish, but here is some information regarding what you describe:
Vet : Fish hanging at the surface until you disturb them is a stress response. Possible causes include:
Vet : 1. Low oxygen - is your pond pump circulating water adequately? Is the filter clean?
Vet : 2. Wrong pH - have you tested for this?
Vet : 3. Parasites - was the treatment you used supplied by a good pet shop?

I have an air stone in the filter and in the pond, I just cleaned the filter and carried out a partial water change. I also add hydra enhance montmorillonite clay to the pond recently.


I checked PH all is ok

Vet : 4. Rapid temperature change, or too high temeprature - it should be below 80 F

parasite treatment was kusuri fluke

Vet : 5. Could they be overcrowded?

my water is below 50, i stopped feeding them about a week ago ready for winter

Vet : 6. Too much salt

I have a 9000 ltr pond with approx 12 koi, I just put 4 koi into the pond recently, I got these off my father in law, the fish that are acting strange are these fish


I used the correct dose of salt and added a little more tonight due to the part water change

Vet : 1/2 ounce per gallon?

the salt i added as per instructions 9,08kg bag for unto 9092 ltr

Vet : Was there any formalin in the treatments you gave?

not sure


the large koi that kept floating upside down seems to have come round today, they are all floating on top of the water though

Vet : It's not likely, but formalin can react badly with salt in the water and cause chemical damage to the fish. In this case I would expect all the fish to be affected, not just the new arrivals.
Vet : When you introduced the new fish, how did you acclimate them?

i think all filters are more than adequate for the size of the pond, checked water, have plenty oxygen going in. first part water change though since July, maybe high in ammonia?


I placed the bag into the pond for about 30 minutes then released them, they where in boxes for about a 2 hour journey


prior to this they where jumping and flashing

Vet : High ammonia levels usually show up as reddening of the skin and excess slime - are you seeing this?

no dont think so


hopefully part water change will help this

Vet : No, I wasn't thinking of high ammonia given what you have told me. To rule this out, perform part water changes three months apart and use something like DeChlor when you do it.

I used dechlor when changed

Vet : You seem pretty switched on regarding water quality and general koi care. My feeling here is that the new koi are still adapting to their environment and new settings. They are complex creatures and need time to settle in. I would give them time and relax in the knowledge that you are doing well for them.

I have a little salt left in my bucket as I thought this is good for stress, should I add the remaining of this?


I also thought it may be bladder problems

Vet : I wouldn't go over the 14g per 4 litres or so standard dose rate.

Yes agreed, I will monitor them and give them time, it also is weird that this is happening due to the weather getting colder (not that cold), water is just under 50.

Vet : Swim bladder disease is usually related to poor water quality, which I don't think you have.
Vet : Yes, I think time will be the best healer here.

ok thanks for your assistance - hopefully they will sort it out.

Vet : The one other thing I can think of is a water heater system from a good pet shop, but I honestly haven't known anyone in this country need one. Other than that, I wish you all the best. You seem to have this well under controil.

ok thanks

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