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Vet, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  I have spent many years in mixed practice, dealing with all the major species.
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My horse is a strawberry roan. Below his left eye he has a

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My horse is a strawberry roan. Below his left eye he has a small patch of hair that has turned white,very distinctive wondering weather it is a sign hes lacking in something.
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here.
Vet : A strawberry roan coat (one of my favourites) is a mix of white and dark hairs which produce the final colour. A predominance of white hairs in a localised region as you describe is not likely to be a nutritional deficiency - these tend to show all over the coat. What is more likely is that he has had some sort of injury there - bruises and scars often turn white on these horses. The next most likely thing is that he's developing some sort of growth there. This may be the start of a simple papilloma or wart, or even a sarcoid. In this case I recommend you feel the area carefully, rolling the skin between your fingertips and comparing the thickness of the skin with the surrounding area and the other side. Do this regularly and if you find the skin is thickening or growing there, call in your vet and get them to assess it. A papilloma will cause little harm but a sarcoid can be a real nuisance and may need freezing off, a BCG vaccine or similar treatment.
Vet : If you have any further questions or information please post it here.

Hi Andrew there is nothing to feel completely clear just a white patch.

Vet : That's good. My guess would be a minor injury or very early lump. No need to worry about nutritional deficiencies, just keep an eye on it. There is a disease called leukotrichia which causes lots of white patches to crop up and disappear all over the skin, but it is quite rare and harmless. It is not usually treated.

ok thankyou.

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