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Vet, Veterinarian
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hi my tom cat is smelling very bad on his tail end worse than

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hi my tom cat is smelling very bad on his tail end worse than a normal tom what could it possible be i have uses wipes from pet shop to clean him but its a very strong smell and dosen,t get rid of it
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here.
Vet : 1. Is he an entire male?
Vet : 2. Is the smell like urine or like faeces?
Vet : 3. Are there areas of abnormal skin, or hair loss around his back end?
Vet : 4. Is he licking the area excessively or not bothered by it?
Vet : 5. Are his stools properly formed?
Vet : 6. When was he last wormed?
JACUSTOMER-ii9oj8hq- :

he has been neautered.the smell to me smells like a humans navel would smell but srong,no hair loss or abnormal skin,hes not botherd by it his stools im not sure because hes out at night he was last wormed maybe 6 months ago not sure

Vet : OK, here's the plan:
Vet : 1. Worm him. Some worms will actually poke out of the anus at night and lay their eggs around the anus. This process may be defeating your cleaning of his back end. Also, a worm burden can cause diarrhoea which can leave residues.
Vet : 2. Cats should clean themselves regularly. If they're overweight, they may not be able to bend round and lick their back ends. You may see evidence of this as matted hair at the base of the taill, but this can vary with season and coat type. Ih he has a large belly and you can't easily feel his ribs he is too fat and slimming down will do wonders for his general health and this problem.
Vet : 3. Get his anal glands emptied. Cats do have them, despite popular belief. They are two sacs located near the anus at 4 and 8 o'clock. If they get too full, they will leak at the wrong time and produce a smell similar to what you describe. Your vet will be able to do this quickly and assess his weight at the same time.
Vet : In summary, address his worming, weight and anal glands and you should have a fresher-smelling cat again!
Vet : Please let me know if you have any questions.
JACUSTOMER-ii9oj8hq- :

Thank you

JACUSTOMER-ii9oj8hq- :

Thank you

Vet : No problem. I seem to have had two questions in row where the problem has happened to my animals too. My own tom cat had the same smell as you describe, but he had been staying with someone else and got rather overweight. Once I'd slimmed him down I emptied quite a lot from his anal glands and he's been fine since. The smell is particularly unpleasant and gets on furniture and cushions, so I know what you are experiencing. Best of luck, vet Andrew.
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Thanks for your rating. Please let me know how you get on via this thread. Regards, ***** *****
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you it makes sence now the smell i think its possibly the glan thing cause hes not other problems