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Hi I have a 12 weeks old puppy I've noticed in her poo a long

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Hi I have a 12 weeks old puppy I've noticed in her poo a long worm about 8cm. I also have a 7 yr old dog about the house who has never had worms. We had a worm tablet from the vet and I have gave her it today. I have a toddler and she has been pooing in the house as we are still training her but I have cleaned any area that she had pooped on. I am really worried that my son could catch them. Can you please put my mind at rest with a few things as I'm now really worrying about my house and family with the eggs. Both dogs are ***** *****'s
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here. I'm sure I can put your mind at rest once I've asked a few questions.
Vet : have you wormed both dogs?
JACUSTOMER-9eo8qa2t- : My 7 yr old no and my 12 week old just today after I seen the worm I gave her the tablet my vet had gave us previous
Vet : Ok, pups are more likely to have worms than adult dogs, but just in case I advise that you worm the adult as well. Once the drug has taken effect it rapidly kills the worms and reduces the egg production to nil. As long as you've cleared up all remaining faeces from the pup then there should be no more danger. The only other source might be the coat, so if you're worried, a good warm bath with a quality puppy shampoo and a wash of bedding should eliminate further risks.
Vet : Your only other concern should be Toxoplasma, which is not killed effectively by wormers but takes 24hours to become infective in the faeces, so if you keep on top of the cleanup then you should be fine.
JACUSTOMER-9eo8qa2t- : Thank you, ***** ***** son at any risk as he has been cuddling and letting the pup lick him quit often. We will be phoning the vet tomorrow morning for sure!
Vet : Good idea. I hope this has helped.
JACUSTOMER-9eo8qa2t- : Could my son be at rick from the worms?
JACUSTOMER-9eo8qa2t- : Risk
Vet : Hello. I'm sorry, I should have made clear that yes, children can be affected by worms from dogs, but with good worming practice and hygiene you are at minimal risk.
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Thanks for your rating. Our posts got crossed so I didn't get to answer your question fully before you rated, but I hope you've seen the last post. Regards, ***** *****