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DrMelJ, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine- class of 2007.
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My Jack Russel is 13.5 years old. Over the past 12 months I

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My Jack Russel is 13.5 years old. Over the past 12 months I have seen a decline in her health. She has gone deaf, her eyes often water, she is eating much more but not putting on weight, she has started drink two bowls of water a day (more recently) and she often shakes. She has also started weeing and pooing in the house (not regularly or any pattern to it). Mainly she sleeps all day, on a rare occasion she has energy and wants to go for walks. Should I be taking her to the vets to get checked out or is she just getting old?
DrMelJ :

Hi there. Thank you for the question. I am sorry to hear that your dog is having some issues. All of the clinical signs that you describe go along with getting older. JUst like older people, dogs see declines in their health including hearing and sight loss, issues with digesting food and holding weight, and issues with incontinence. However, major medical problems like cancer or renal (kidney) disease could cause a lot of these problems too. I would highly recommend that you have the dog seen by a vet to help you pick apart what are simply old age changes and what may be illness which might require treatment.

DrMelJ :

Finding the exact causes of all these different clinical signs with a good exam, bloodwork, urinanalysis (as a start) and additional tests as necessary can help you improve your dog's quality of life and the time you have with her

DrMelJ :

Please let me know if you have any further questions with which I can help.

DrMelJ :

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