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Vet, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  I have spent many years in mixed practice, dealing with all the major species.
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My daughter and son in law have asked me to house sit their

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My daughter and son in law have asked me to house sit their two adult male dogue de bordeaux while they go on holiday for a week I originally agreed as beleived a male freind of theirs would be there and I would only help out when needed but this is not so I will be alone with them the whole week I would appreciate any advice Thank-you
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here. Are you at your computer?
JACUSTOMER-y7jvowdd- :

Hi Andrew

Vet : Hi. I have some advice for you, but first, some questions:
Vet : 1. Are you experienced with dogs?
Vet : 2. Are the two dogs neutered?
JACUSTOMER-y7jvowdd- :

Hi I visit the dogs often, but am not experianced with dogs, both are not neutered

Vet : OK. If they know you already then that is a bonus. My advice would be to not be scared of them, amd establish yourself as the pack leader without direct confrontation or prolonged eye contact. Take them out for exercise if you can and then feed them as soon as you get in, but ony put the bowls down when they have settled and have their attention on you.
Vet : If they start to misbehave, scold them calmly but assertively, and consider carrying some treats to reward good behaviour.
Vet : Above all, try to keep them on their usual routine, and remember that exercise is the best remedy if they start getting out of control.
Vet : Would you say they were generally well behaved?
JACUSTOMER-y7jvowdd- :

They are both adorable and although they can be boistrous and stuborn at times they mostly just want cuddles and the run of the very large garden, however Monty the younger yet larger of the two gets very excited and jumps and pulls at my feet with his mouth(not biting)which prompts Franko(alpha male)to bark at him, myfear is that they could unintentionally overpower me or fight, or pine for my daughter and her husband, I do love them both dearly and just want to do right by them, they did stay at kennels once but it broke all our hearts dogues included and it was decided this would never happen again

Vet : When you arrive at the house under normal circumstances they are excited, hence Monty's behaviour and Franko's reaction. This may happen when you first let yourself in as a house-sitter, but will soon settle down as you become established in the house. Again, calm, assertive commands as you would with children will help diffuse the initial excitement at seeing you. It won't be continuous so please don't worry about that.
Vet : The best you can do for them is to keep them to as close a routine as possible, and give them plenty of exercise and affection. Dogs like that want an asswertive leader, and you mst fill that role, which will get easier as the week progresses. If you have children, a lot of the principles of discipline apply to dogs.
Vet : If you want a general principle to work by, walk in that house and deal with those dogs as if you own both them and the house, and that nothing is out of the ordinary. That way, the dogs won't sense anything wrong and will be far more likely to behave. From what you've said, I really don't think there's any particular danger to you or them, so just try to enjoy the experience!
Vet : Do you have any further questions or concerns?
JACUSTOMER-y7jvowdd- :

Thank you so much you have been a great help and have eased my mind a lot! 10/10!

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Hi, many thanks for your kind rating. I wish you the best of luck, and remember that the rule of dog-sitting is that if you do it well, you'll be asked again and again! It'll get easier each time and I'm sure you'll enjoy it so much you'll start thinking of getting your own pooch.
Vet Andrew