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Vet, Veterinarian
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Experience:  I have spent many years in mixed practice, dealing with all the major species.
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, Last week a got a puppy (British bulldog cross). On his

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Last week a got a puppy (British bulldog cross). On his belly and around his penis he has black dots. It is getting worse. It looks like dirt but when I wash or touch it it doesn't come away. He also licks or chews down there too.
Is it an irritation or?
Many thanks
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here.
Vet : If you gently squeeze one of the black dots like a spot, does black material come out?

No it doesn't seem too. They tiny, the size of his pores. They look almost like black heads


But he does lick a lot and they are increasing..

Vet : You are right, they are most likely blackheads, known as comedones. They are clogged hair follicles and are quite common in young dogs. The treatment is washing as instructed with a medicated shampoo containing benzoyl peroxide, which is a follice-flushing agent.
Vet : *follicle*
Vet : I see you are in Singapore, so I don't know what medications are available, but look for around a 3% strength in a good pet shop or vet's.
Vet : Depending on the product, you should wash Benson twice weekly with the shampoo until the comedones disappear, then weekly. It typically takes 2-3 weeks to cure, and the dog will usually grow out of the condition much as human teenagers do.
Vet : I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have further questions or concerns.

Yes moved here a couple of years ago. They charge insane prices for pets and all things related!


But thank you. I will try this


This is a great service for non emergency matters.

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