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DrMelJ, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine- class of 2007.
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The badger that comes into my garden to feed has eaten one

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The badger that comes into my garden to feed has eaten one block of rat poison from my neighbours' property. How much will it affect the badger? Is there anything I can give it to prevent a bad outcome?
DrMelJ :

Hi there. Thanks for the question. I am assuming this is a wild badger

DrMelJ :

At any rate, it depends on what type of rat poison was consumed and the weight of the badger.

DrMelJ :

Some poisons cause problems with blood clotting, some cause neurologic death., some affect calcium metabolism in the body

DrMelJ :

Most will cause death in 2-3 days if ingested at a lethal dose.

DrMelJ :

Unfortunately there is nothing you can give at home to counteract the toxin.

DrMelJ :

If you are overly concerned and can do so safely, you may be able to trap the badger and take him to a wildlife clinic for treatment. Make sure to know what kind of rat poison was used.

DrMelJ :

Good luck. I hope your badger friend is ok.

JACUSTOMER-uoswnz4b- :

Thank you. He is a large 4 year old boar and he has eaten a 10g soft block of an anti-coagulant poison (Bayer garden rat and mouse soft block). Would this be lethal?

DrMelJ :

Do you have any idea what he might weigh?

DrMelJ :

I dont honestly know how badgers metabolize these things.....but 10 grams would be enough to be toxic to 40 kg dog for sure and that is certainly bigger than a badger

JACUSTOMER-uoswnz4b- :

At a guess I would say 13-15kg? The poison contains difethialone at the rate of 0.0025g per kg.

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Based on dog values, what he ate could be toxic. Good luck to you.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I am pleased to say that since asking you this question the badger has been into my garden every night for his food. Maybe he didn't eat as much as first thought, or perhaps the poison will take longer to work on a badger. Hopefully he will continue to do well!

I know it's the same badger as I watched/heard the fight when he saw off the rest of the group last year for the sole rights to my garden!

Many thanks for your time and expertise.


Im glad to hear he is doing well.