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is there a link between yones disease in cattle and crones

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is there a link between yones disease in cattle and crones disease in humans
Vet : there, vet Andrew here. That's a very interesting question. Johne's disease in cattle is caused by Mycobacterium avium (subspecies paratuberculosis), also known as MAP. Johne's disease is very similar to Crohn's in the clinical findings. We do know that MAP is found in animal products, and that MAP is often found in humans suffering from Crohn's.
Vet : So you see that the pieces of the puzzle are all there, but amount to merely strong circumstantial evidence, and no-one has yet conclusively shown that MAP causes Crohn's. , to my knowledge, there have been no large-scale surveys of MAP in humans without Crohn's, and it may turn out that the organism is found in humans simply because of its prevalence in animal products, and is in fact doing no harm.
Vet : We really need to find out exactly what causes Crohn's in order to be able to pin it on a particular organism.
Vet : I hope this has been helpful. Please don't hesitate to ask further questions.
JACUSTOMER-8grc1l1r- :

I understand that there is now vaccinations . Do you think it will become compulsory in the near future.

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, thanks rating.
To answer your last question: vaccines are available in the US, but as far as I know are not widely used. The fact is that colostrum, dung and calf management are just as effective at reducing or eliminating Johne's from a herd, and of course help with other diseases too.
Even if they 'prove' a link between MAP and Crohn's it would be a long time before any compulsory vaccination scheme is implemented, so no, I don't forsee any such plans in the near or even distant future.
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