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I want to give my dog that is in Oestrus cycle (the first)

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I want to give my dog that is in Oestrus cycle (the first) Qluera, my human contraceptive as I am unable to get her to a veterinary.
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here.
Vet : I'm afraid dogs and humans have very different reproductive cycles, so human drugs are unlikely to work on Laila and may even be harmful.
Vet : Has she been mated, or are you looking to prevent her from cycling?

Hi Andrew. She has not mated, I want to prevent it. There are enough dogs running around not being fed and looked after. Now I will make a plan to take her to the veterinary but maybe you can tell me if it is o.k to have her fixed on the 12th February as she started with Oestrus on 1 Feb. The Vet in Huambo will know but my Portuguese is so-so and we're not always on the same page!


And if you can give me another answer, I will be grateful, the Vet send me some injections for rabies which had a dry mixture and a water and we misunderstood and didn't mix it! Then, after we had injected her with the fluid, realized we should have mixed. Then mixed the dry mixture with distilled water and injected her. My previous dog died from rabies and I am now terribly afraid that she is not properly vaccinated. Should I have her vaccinated again???

Vet : Hi there. Regarding the spaying, you should wait two-three months after her season has finished before the spay - this will give time for her womb to settle and makes the operation much safer.As for the rabies, I would have her vaccinated again because manufacturers are very specific about how the product is used for optimum protection, and rabies is one thing you don't want to mess with. Sometimes, the fluid that you injected first will contain 'activators', called adjuvants, that goad the immune system into tackling the organism. The other thing you could do is, when she's spayed, have her blood sampled and tested for rabies protection. This will tell you if the vaccine you gave worked or not. Get a price quote first, as these can be expensive.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help and will follow your instructions. Regards, Nicky

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