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Vet, Veterinarian
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Experience:  I have spent many years in mixed practice, dealing with all the major species.
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my 4 month old kitten is off his food still eating but only

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my 4 month old kitten is off his food still eating but only small amounts with some coaxing he has had blood tests all normal and had his heart lungs temperature etc done all normal he is playing and running around and drinking his water and kitten milk he was weghed a week ago and was 2.32kg
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here. Has Angus been vaccinated?

yes he has 2 times

Vet : Was that recently?

not in the last couple of weeks

Vet : Any coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhoea, lumps? Have you other cats in the house?

none of those and no other cats

Vet : Was he vaccinated for leukaemia?

i think so but his white/red blood cells were normal

Vet : Is he going out and mixing with other cats?

not been out of the house yet

Vet : What is his normal food? Do you think he's losing weight?

whiskas kitten food kitten biscuits and stood on the scales with him at the weekend and his weight was the same as when he was weighed on the 4th are far as i could tell i don't think he's loosing weight

Vet : What breed is he?

just a moggie

Vet : OK. Given that you've had him looked at, and the answers you've given me, I don't think there's anything serious going on here. There is a slim chance he's getting a cyclical fever, i.e. one that is going up and down, from a bug, but that doesn't fit with his energetic behaviour. Another possibility is a mild inflamed stomach that is reducing his appetite, but again, that doesn't fit the picture. My feeling here is that, as he is starting to reach maturity, his gut is undergoing changes and that is known to affect food preference and appetite. In these situations, it is important not to keep switching foods all the time as this can upset the gut and leave you with a fussy cat.
Vet : My advice is to offer a small amount of the chicken he likes alongside his usual Whiskas. Let him choose, and take away what he leaves. These cases mostly settle down over a matter of weeks, but keep weighing him weekly using accurate scales to make sure he's still growing.

ok thanks for that we have been switching foods a bit to tempt him to eat so will adjust that also i forgot to say that none of his baby teeth have come out yet

Vet : Regarding his baby teeth, they are usually replaced by six months of age, so he's got a little while yet. Was he the runt of the litter by any chance?

no he was the biggest and apparently mummys favourite

Vet : OK. I assume you will get him neutered at about 5-6 months old, so that would be a good opportunity to get his teeth looked at - sometimes a little help with a small scalpel at this stage can help the permanent teeth erupt.


Vet : As for weight gain, it varies but you should be seein something near a pound a month for a cat his age.

so he is a decent weight then at 2.32 kg as i think 1kg is 2,2lbs

Vet : That sounds ok, especially for mum's favourite! Male cats tend to gain weight quicker, too, as they reacha larger final size.

ok will keep a close eye on him

Vet : Good. I wish you all the best. Regards, ***** *****


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