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Our fish has developed white spots followed by what looks to

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Our fish has developed white spots followed by what looks to be blood on its fins, tail and poop hole area. Any ideas? I can send a picture if needed.
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here.
Vet : It sounds like you have two problems here: Ich (a parasite) and poor water quality. What is your usual tank cleaning regime?
Customer: We change the water filters once a week. We just bought a new tank since the 2 fish have gotten so large. It is a 29 gallon tank with 2 filters.
Vet : How often do you change the water?
Customer: We just started using the tank 2 weeks ago so we haven't changed the water yet. It is still very clear.
Vet : OK. Blood streaks in fins as you describe are usually a sign of water problems, usually ammonia or nitrite. As a rule, you should remove 50% of the water weekly and replace with treated water. I recommend you get a simple water test kit to confirm this.
Vet : Another possibility is new tank syndrome, where the bacteria have not been able to build up and ammonia levels rise quickly.
Vet : It is good practice to decorate the new tank with some old used gravel and ornaments and leave for 4-6 weeks to settle.
Customer: Ok I was guessing the two things you suggested the ich and checking the ammonia and nitrite levels. So far it has just effected one of the two fish, but I will go by a test kit tomorrow. Do you recommend the adding of salt that many of the articles speak of to help with the ich?
Vet : It takes 7-10 days of salted, warmed water to kill the Ich and break the life cycle.
Customer: Thank you for your advise.
Vet : No problem. Do you have any further questions.
Vet : ?
Customer: I think that is it for now, but I gather this is a very treatable issue?
Vet : Yes, very common and very treatable. As for the bloody fins, this is also common but you should have no problem as long as you change the water as I suggest, and use a good water treatment agent.
Customer: Thank you for all your help, have a great evening or day depending on where you are located.
Vet : Same to you! All the best, ***** *****
Vet : I should mention that the salt you add should be proper, non-iodised aquarium salt.
Customer: Thanks
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