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Experience:  I have spent many years in mixed practice, dealing with all the major species.
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My cat is 14. Within the last few days he is not eating and

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My cat is 14. Within the last few days he is not eating and looks very lethargic and depressed. He had lost a lot of weight and has diariah. Vet done blood tests and says all within normal range. Heart and vital organs all ok. However, my cat is still very not well, feeble and unable to eat. What could be wrong with him?
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here.
Vet : A few questions:
Vet : 1. Is he on any medication at the moment?
Customer: No medication at all
Vet : 2. What blood tests were done, just basic ones or any specific ones?
Customer: I am not sure but I paid for the most comprehensive which they said would check everything ie liver, thyroid
Vet : 3. Is he up to date with worming, and does he hunt?
Customer: Last time he had worming treatment was in August or sept 2014. He does go out and I suppose he hunts though never seen anything he's caught
Vet : Any other signs, such as: Drooling, drinking excessively,?
Customer: No drooling though he may have been drinking a bit more than usual though not very exessively
Vet : Over what period has he lost the weight - days, weeks or months?
Customer: Are you still there?
Customer: Sorry couldn't see your last question. Lost weight over last few weeks
Vet : OK. Thanks for your answers. My next move in Peachy's case would be a good dose of Drontal or similar, because worms are such a common cause of the symptoms you describe, and are so easily treatable. If that doesn't help, and he shows no improvement, my suspicion would turn to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). This often affects middle-aged to older cats and is an errant immune response to the bacteria in the gut. There is an excellent guide here:
Vet : It doesn;t always show up on blood tests, and needs a biopsy to confirm. My usual procedure is a short course of antibiotics, followed by long-term, low-dose prednisolone (steroid) therapy.
Vet : That is a bridge to be crossed later, however. In the short term, worm him, then if you're still worried phone your vet and discuss with them the possibility if IBD. He/she should be happy to take it from there. Once under control, by drugs and diet, IBD can be easily managed, in my experience.
Customer: Thank you very much. That makes a lot of sense
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