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Dear Veterinary team, I really need your advice and help. I

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Dear Veterinary team, I really need your advice and help.
I have Bengal cat, he is 1 year and 2 month old, microchipped and last time when he had worming vaccination was on 13.05.2014. He is indoor cat and also trained to use human toilet (we were using Litter Kwitter Cat Kitty Toilet Potty Seat Training System for training and he trained now very well), he is still uses the training disc with the biggest hole, as I don't want him to sit on the same toilet seat as us (for the hygiene purposes). However when I use the toilet I am taking the training disc off the toilet and put normal seat down. The main concern of mine is this, my husband and me are trying for the baby now and I am quite worried about the toxoplasmosis. I went to vet clinic were my cat is register and they told me to get in to the contact with you for some answers.
So the question is what are the chances for me to get infected with toxoplasmosis if my cat suddenly will get this parasite? As I mentioned he is indoor cat, he only eats cat’s food, no raw meat or fish. But he uses the human toilet (he has his own seat) and obviously when he goes there I have to flash. From now on I will use the gloves when changing the toilet seats, but is it any other suggestions that you can give me?
Hello, I'm Dr. Bob.
I understand your concern, but the chances of you're being exposed to toxoplasmosis are very close to nil. If your cat never has gone outside or caught a mouse or rat indoors, there is almost no way he might have contracted the disease. On top of this comforting fact, the toxoplasmosis organisms are transmitted through the feces and unless you actually ingest cat droppings, or breathe aerosolized dust from dry droppings (this can theoretically happen while dumping soiled litter into a garbage can or bag). In the situation you've described, this is practically an impossible scenario as the droppings are falling into water immediately upon elimination. If you should still be concerned, a toxoplasmosis titer test can be performed by your veterinarian, but in my opinion, the risk of exposure is not great enough to justify the expense of this test.
On the other hand, peace of mind is quite a valuable commodity, and if you need to be absolutely sure you're not being exposed in any way, the titer might be worth the cost to you.
If you should have any further questions, please let me know, I'll be happy to answer them for you.
Kind regards, *****
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