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Dr. Loretta
Dr. Loretta, Veterinarian
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The other day I noticed my little Yorkie c*****, *****, had

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The other day I noticed my little Yorkie c*****, *****, had what looked like a little flake of something red in his eye. (It actually looked like a little flake of my lipstick. I thought it may have dropped into his eye when I kissed him goodnight - as you've probably gathered I love the little fellow more than anything!) It definitely didn't look as if it was his eye bleeding - definitely something external. It didn't seem to be bothering him so I thought I'd leave it in the hope that it would come out naturally, however, tonight I noticed it's still there. I did try to remove it, but my efforts were bothering him. Should I leave well enough alone since he seems perfectly happy and isn't blinking or squinting or showing pain, or should I persevere and try to remove whatever it is?
Your advice would be much appreciated.
Many thanks,
Good afternoon and welcome! I am Dr. Loretta, a licensed veterinarian and a happy to answer your question.

Since this does no seem to be bothering sweet little Eric, the thing I would recommend is to purchase Artificial tears from the human pharmacy or chemist and apply a few drops in this eye every 4-6 hrs. This will flush anything odd that may have gotten into his eye. You do not want to keep bothering his eye because you could cause a corneal ulcer by irritating it even more. Most likely this is only a small area of irritation that is healing. If it does not resolve after a few days, take sweet Eric to your vet for an exam. This is the safest way to be sure he will do well.

Does that make sense to you?

Thank you!

Sincerely, ***** *****
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Thank you so much, Trish, for your kind rating and generous bonus. It is very much appreciated! Even though you have rated, we can still communicate. If you have other questions, please Reply. I am always happy to help. I am sure little Eric will do well with you caring for him, Trish.

Have a wonderful day!!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much for your advice. Little Eric means the world to me and the little fellow deserves to be looked after.

Thanks again :o)

Oh Trish...I certainly understand....Our little fur babies are our family and I know Eric is in good hands with you.