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DrJessicaO, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  7 years of private practice with dogs, cats, exotics, pocket pets, etc
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My 3 year old sprocker is very sorry and cannot

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My 3 year old sprocker is very sorry for himself and cannot run around. I suspect it is a digestive problem he is typical greedy spaniel but am fearful that a pigs ear given lunch time today could be causing a blockage. He is very listless and inactive and occasionally groans. He does not appear to be in great pain but I am afraid if I don't speak to the vet before morning something horrible may be happening. I would appreciate any advice
you can give me. Thank you. Sue
DrJessicaO :

Hi there,

DrJessicaO :

My name is***** and I would like to help answer your question.

DrJessicaO :

Is Dylan having any vomiting or retching, as if trying to vomit?

Customer: No
DrJessicaO :

Ok- the ingestion of pigs ears can certainly cause a blockage, but typically dogs will also have vomiting or retching.

DrJessicaO :

Another concern is that pigs ears can cause perforation (tear of the stomach or intestinal lining) due to their sharp edges

DrJessicaO :

When this occurs you may notice signs of a GI bleed like dark, tarry stools or vomiting coffee ground appearance vomitus

DrJessicaO :

It is also very possible that he is just suffering from a little GI inflammation (gastroenteritis) due to the ingestion.

DrJessicaO :

What I would recommend doing is giving him an over the counter antacid like Pepcid (famotidine) or Prilosec (omeprazole) to help settle his stomach

DrJessicaO :

Tomorrow I would recommend a bland diet like boiled chicken and white rice. Continue to ensure he has access to water throughout the night.

DrJessicaO :

If you are ready to get to bed, I would just keep him as close as possible so if he begins retching you will know. If this happens he should be seen immediately for xrays.

DrJessicaO :

Likewise if you note dark/tarry stools, severe diarrhea, or continued lethargy/inappetence for over 24 hours, he should be seen right away.

Customer: He is very very lethargic and his stomach seems distended. He does not want to walk about or have a drink and has not tried to,poo so cannot judge his stools. Obviously I do not have access to any medicine at this time but would appreciate your opinion that it is nothing too serious. I am going to sleep with him ! Sorry emails seem to be crossing but so appreciate your advice
Customer: All pigs ears in bin.! A
DrJessicaO :

His bloating is likely causing him to be quite painful/uncomfortable. I can never say something is or is not an emergency 100% without assessing a patient but based on what you are describing, I think the likelihood of this being an obstruction is low. If you are concerned or he continues to decline, would you be able to bring him to an ER clinic?

DrJessicaO :

Please keep me posted on how he is doing- feel free to send me a message tomorrow morning to update me. :)

Customer: we also feed both dogs on minced raw chicken bones and all,prepared by our butcher every day maybe should not?
DrJessicaO :

Raw chicken can cause the overgrowth of GI bacteria like E.Coli and salmonella. At least for the next few days, I would recommend holding off on this just until we know 100% there isn't something more serious going on.

Customer: I would phone our vet immediately but my gut feeling is your opinion is the obvious one. Our other dog his father is q
Customer: i would immediately contact our vet if I felt essential trying not to panic and be reasonable and logic. My head tells me what my gut feels as you have said. His father 5 year old. Cocker is right as nineoence same diet but no pilg ears
DrJessicaO :

Yes- my dog loves pigs ears as well but they can be dangerous if they "bite off more than they can chew" so to speak. :)

DrJessicaO :

I hope he starts to feel better soon- let me know if you need anything else.

Customer: Thank you very much i am breathing easier very grateful!
DrJessicaO :

:) :) No problem at all.

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