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DrJessicaO, Veterinarian
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My kitten is 9 months old now. We have visited a local vet

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My kitten is 9 months old now. We have visited a local vet on few ocassiona for check ups, the most recent visit jut over teo weeks ago. Toski has always suffered from quite strong smelly breath and I brought this to vets attention every time. Originally vet advised it was probably due to the new teeth growing. After the teeth fully developed and baby teeth fallen out the breath improved but only slightly. I have noticed few days ago that Toski drools excessively. I looked into his mouth and there does not appear to be anything lodged in between his teeth or in his mouth. I am getting very worried now that it might be something more serious.
DrJessicaO :

Hi there!

DrJessicaO :

My name is***** and I would like to answer your question regarding Toski

DrJessicaO :

When you brought Toski to your veterinarian and he/she did an exam, was there any mention of sores in the mouth or excessive inflammation of the gums?

DrJessicaO :

Also what diet is he on

Customer: He had small sore in his mouth due to the new teeth growing but we have visited the vet since and no further sores were found. He eats Science Plan's dry food for kittens mixed with Purina's cat food as he would not eat the Science plan on its own. He does not like wet food at all.
Customer: No gum inflammation just this one sore in the past. He does not seem to have any other symptoms neither. Behaves more or less the same as always.
Customer: The drooling has gotten worse over last day. It is almost constant especially noticeable when he sleeps and does not lick off excess saliva
DrJessicaO :

Ok- I agree with your veterinarian that the most likely cause of the bad breath is due to inflammation from the recent eruption of the new teeth- most kittens have their full set of teeth by about 7 months or so which means it has only been a couple of months since the permanent teeth erupted. There is likely still quite a bit of inflammation in the mouth. You can attempt to brush the teeth daily if he will allow you- this is the best way of controlling gingivitis and inflammation associated with the teeth eruption. Another possibility here is Toski is experiencing acid reflux from the stomach or possibly inflammatory bowel disease. Ensure he is not regurgitating or vomiting at home. You can also begin giving 1.25 mg of famotidine (Pepcid) before bed to decrease secondary gastric acidity. Sometimes a diet change will help- consider slowly changing him to a low carb food like Innova Evo or Wellness and attempt an all chicken flavor diet (as opposed to seafood or beef that some cats will have a reaction to). Dry food is best so its great he is already on this. Lastly you can attempt to add a probiotic like Forti-flora to the food. If this halitosis (bad breath) worsens or he develops more sores in his mouth he should be seen for blood work. Kidney disease is very uncommon in young cats but congenital kidney disease is possible and that can also lead to chronic bad breath.

DrJessicaO :

I just saw your post about the drooling- because this is getting worse, it is more suggestive of chronic nausea, a sign of inflammatory bowel issues or acid reflux. I really think a diet change, addition of probiotics, and maybe adding Pepcid would help.

DrJessicaO :

Please let me know if you received my responses and let me know if you have additional questions. :)

Customer: I think what I am worried about is that drooling might be a symptom of mouth cancer in cats. Hopefully this is not the case with Toski. Yes i have received the responses. Thank you very much. I will try get Pepcid and A different diet.
DrJessicaO :

Yes- oral cancers are very uncommon in young cats- squamous cell carcinoma is most common, and typically affects cats >10 years of age. Typically cats with oral cancers also have oral bleeding and often decreased appetite.

Customer: He does not bleed and eats as normal.
DrJessicaO :

Ok- I think cancer is extremely unlikely :)

Customer: Thank you very much :) I will try change of diet and Pepcid.
DrJessicaO :

You are welcome- let me know how he does!

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