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.my partner and i are very worried about our cat,he was partner and i are... Show More partner and i are very worried about our cat,he was left in a house in 2012,the rspca got him out,we then got him checked over with our vet,and got him registered,now he has been taken by a lady in our street,and has been shut in ever since,he is very much a street cat.she has told us that she has had him microchipped and registered,can she do this? my name is ***** ***** you help.
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Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here.
Vet : Do I understand from your post that the lady has stolen your cat?
JACUSTOMER-lrqb0obr- :


JACUSTOMER-lrqb0obr- :

as ive said,he was a stray,but we have him registered with our vet,which was done in2012.

Vet : OK. Pets are defined in law as 'chattels', i.e. possessions, so if someone has taken your cat that is a form of theft. I srongly adivse you to gather any evidence you have that you own the cat, and present it to the police. Contact the vet you registered him with and discuss the problem too - it may be that the vet remembers you bringing him in and can help with the investigation.
Vet : Did the RSPCA not insist he was chipped and registered to you before releasing him?
JACUSTOMER-lrqb0obr- :

When the RSPCA got into the house the cat escaped and run off down the street,we kept putting food out for him and he soon came round,thats when we took him to the vet,to get him checked over,he needed some treatment,and is registered.We havehis case history from 30.7.2012. We have phoned the non emergency police line 2 days ago,and still waiting to hear from them.

Vet : I strongly suggest you chase up the call to the police, as they should have responded by now. Also, ask your vet if they would consider helping with the investigation. The case history should definitely help, but it may be hard to prove ownership. Did the lady not realise he is your cat?
JACUSTOMER-lrqb0obr- :

yes she knows that he belongs to us,but she calls for him in the street,even at night time when he was home she would call out his name.

Vet : Sounds like she was determined to take him. Since this is a form of theft, the police are your only recourse - your vet can't intervene directly, other than to confirm that you are registered as the owners. Best of luck - do you have any further questions?
JACUSTOMER-lrqb0obr- :

no,but thankyou for your help.

Vet : No problem - regards, ***** *****
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Hello just to let you know,the police have said that because the cat was a stray that there is no ownership,even though we have a vet history off the cat,also the lady that has taken him wasnt even living in our street in 2011.we have photos off him in our home.And now his been shut in for almost a month.