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I take my two year old labradoodle between forty

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I take my two year old labradoodle for walks between forty minutes to an hour and a half every day but no matter how long it is he pants for at least an hour after the exercise and has hot pads. We have an 8 month old collie and a 4 year old springer and they recover much quicker post exercise. Is this anything i need to worry about?
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here. How long have you had Jasper? How long have you been doing this walking routine?
Customer: Got him aged 10 months walked him for about thirty mins till about a year old then followed this routine so about 18 months or so
Vet : Ok, so we're we're not talking about him not being used to the walk through lack of fitness.
Vet : Does he ever show signs of exercise intolerance during the walk, e.g. sitting down and panting, and not wanting to carry on? Does he ever cough, especially at night?
Customer: No he's fit he's ideal weight eating ok does get diarrhoea at the end of exercise but normal stools at all other times
Customer: He lays down mid walk and refuses to move on occasion with heavy panting
Customer: Not noticed any coughing
Vet : Exercise-related diarrhoea is quite common - my own dog sometimes gets it - and not something to panic about. Dogs pant for two reasons: a) to catch up with oxygen demand, as we humans do. b) to cool down, as they don't really sweat. My suspicion here, given the dense coat of labradoodles, is that Jasper might be over heating. Do you ever get him groomed?
Customer: Yeah girlfriend is a dog groomer is well looked after has coat brushed / clipped regularly
Vet : OK, that's handy! A young, fit dog who pants for that long after exercise is almost certainly overheating. There is no intensity of exercise possible that would need an hour to recover oxygen balance. Collies and Springers are working dogs bred to run about all day, but labradoodles aren't and as far as I can see you may be touching the limit of what Jasper is capable of in terms of exercise. What I suggest you do is introduce breaks into the walk to allow him to cool down, especially as summer approaches. Carrying water as you do is a good idea, too. Let Jasper tell you when he's getting hot and pause and allow him to cool down before proceeding.
Vet : That said, I would mention the issue to your vet when you next visit, for vaccination etc, and get the vet to give his heart and lungs a quick check over - we wouldn't want to miss a heart rhythm problem, but I think that's highly unlikely.
Customer: Ok I'll try this. Thought it was to do with overheating but wanted to be sure it's nothing ugly. Thanks for your help
Vet : If you can find any clean water along the way, and Jasper likes a swim, that can be an excellent way to cool down. However, keep an eye out for ear trouble, as these dogs are prone to it.
Vet : I hope this has made sense. Do you have any further questions?
Customer: He's always in and out of rivers or lakes so no problems there he loves a swim. No further questions thank you for your time
Vet : No problem. I hope all goes well for you and Jasper. Regards, ***** *****
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